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North American NeuroEndocrine Tumor Society, October 1418, 2015, Austin, Texas
Erickson, S;Balamurugan, M;Kunnimalaiyaan, S;
Pancreas, Volume 45, Number 3, March 2016, 2016
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Loss of CDKN2A Expression is a Frequent Event in Primary Invasive Melanoma and Correlates with Sensitivity to the CDK4/6 Inhibitor PD0332991 in Melanoma Cell Lines
Young RJ, Waldeck K, Martin C, Foo JH, Cameron DP, Kirby L, et al
Pigment Cell Melanoma Res, 24495407, 2014
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The Master Neural Transcription Factor BRN2 is an Androgen Receptor Suppressed Driver of Neuroendocrine Differentiation in Prostate Cancer
Bishop, JL;Thaper, D;Vahid, S;Davies, A;Ketola, K;Kuruma, H;Jama, R;Nip, KM;Angeles, A;Johnson, F;Wyatt, AW;Fazli, L;Gleave, ME;Lin, D;Rubin, MA;Collins, CC;Wang, Y;Beltran, H;Zoubeidi, A;
Cancer Discov, Cancer Discov, 2016
The polyphenols (-)-epigallocatechin-3-gallate and luteolin synergistically inhibit TGF-?-induced myofibroblast phenotypes through RhoA and ERK inhibition
Gray, AL, Stephens, CA, Bigelow, RL, Coleman, DT, Cardelli, JA,
PLoS ONE, 9(10), e109208, 2014
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In vitro cytotoxic activities of new silver and PEPPSI palladium N-heterocyclic carbene complexes derived from benzimidazolium salts
Akko, S;_ _lhan, ;G_k, Y;Upadhyay, PJ;
Cell, Inorganica Chimica Acta 449 (2016) 75_81, 2016
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Generation of bone marrow derived murine dendritic cells for use in 2-photon imaging
Matheu MP, Sen D, Cahalan MD, Parker I
J Vis Exp, (17):3–5, 2008
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Girdin/GIV regulates collective cancer cell migration by controlling cell adhesion and cytoskeletal organization
Wang, X;Enomoto, A;Weng, L;Mizutani, Y;Abudureyimu, S;Esaki, N;Tsuyuki, Y;Chen, C;Mii, S;Asai, N;Haga, H;Ishida, S;Yokota, K;Akiyama, M;Takahashi, M;
Cancer Sci., Cancer Sci., 109(11): 3643-3656, 2018
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Mutations Associated with Acquired Resistance to PD-1 Blockade in Melanoma
Zaretsky, JM; Garcia-Diaz, A; Shin, DS; Escuin-Ordinas, H;Hugo, W; Hu-Lieskovan, S;Torrejon, DY; Abril-Rodriguez, G; Sandoval, S; Barthly, L; Saco, J; Homet Moreno, B; Mezzadra, R; Chmielowski, B; Ruchalski, K; Shintaku, IP; Sanchez, PJ; Puig-Saus, C; Cherry, G; Seja , E; Kong, X; Pang, J; Berent-Maoz, B; Comin-Anduix, B; Graeber, TG; Tumeh, PC; Schumacher, TN; Lo, RS; Ribas A;
N Engl J Med, N Engl J Med.2016 Jul 13, 2016
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Development of novel monoclonal antibodies against CD109 overexpressed in human pancreatic cancer
Arias-Pinilla, GA;Dalgleish, AG;Mudan, S;Bagwan, I;Walker, AJ;Modjtahedi, H;
Oncotarget, Oncotarget, 9(28):19994-20007, 2018
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Cadm1 is a metastasis susceptibility gene that suppresses metastasis by modifying tumor interaction with the cell-mediated immunity
Faraji F, Pang Y, Walker RC, Nieves Borges R, Yang L, Hunter KW
PLoS Genet, 8(9):e1002926, 2012
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