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A multicomponent toxin from Bacillus cereus incites inflammation and shapes host outcome via the NLRP3 inflammasome
Mathur, A;Feng, S;Hayward, JA;Ngo, C;Fox, D;Atmosukarto, II;Price, JD;Schauer, K;Mrtlbauer, E;Robertson, AAB;Burgio, G;Fox, EM;Leppla, SH;Kaakoush, NO;Man, SM;
Nat Microbiol, Nat Microbiol, (): , 2018
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Spatiotemporal Control of CNS Myelination by Oligodendrocyte Programmed Cell Death through the TFEB-PUMA Axis
Sun, LO;Mulinyawe, SB;Collins, HY;Ibrahim, A;Li, Q;Simon, DJ;Tessier-Lavigne, M;Barres, BA;
Cell, Cell, 175(7): 1811-1826.e21, 2018
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Transcriptome changes induced invitro by alcohol-containing mouthwashes in normal and dysplastic oral keratinocytes
Fox, SA;Currie, SS;Dalley, AJ;Farah, CS;
J. Oral Pathol. Med., J. Oral Pathol. Med., ():, 2018
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Ubiquitination and proteasomal degradation of ATG12 regulates its proapoptotic activity
Haller, Martina et al
Autophagy, 10, 2269--2278, 2015, 2015
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Interferon lambda 4 expression is suppressed by the host during viral infection
Hong, M;Schwerk, J;Lim, C;Kell, A;Jarret, A;Pangallo, J;Loo, YM;Liu, S;Hagedorn, CH;Gale, M;Savan, R;
J. Exp. Med., J Exp Med. 2016 Nov 14;213(12):2539-2552. Epub 2016 Oct 31., 2017
Decursin inhibits osteoclastogenesis by downregulating NFATc1 and blocking fusion of pre-osteoclasts
Kim, KJ, Yeon, JT, Choi, SW, Moon, SH, Ryu, BJ, Yu, R, Park, SJ, Kim, SH, Son, YJ,
Bone, 81, 208-216, 2015
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Mutant p53 uses p63 as a molecular chaperone to alter gene expression and induce a pro-invasive secretome
Neilsen, PM, Noll, JE, Suetani, RJ, Schulz, RB, Al-Ejeh, F, Evdokiou, A, Lane, DP, Callen, DF,
Oncotarget, 2(12), 1203-17, 2011
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Vitamin C and Doxycycline: a synthetic lethal combination therapy targeting metabolic flexibility in cancer stem cells (CSCs)
De Francesco, EM;Bonuccelli, G;Maggiolini, M;Sotgia, F;Lisanti, MP;
Oncotarget, Oncotarget, ():, 2017
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Angiogenic Potential of Multipotent Stromal Cells from the Umbilical Cord: an In Vitro Study
Arutyunyan, IV;Kananykhina, EY;Fatkhudinov, TKh;El'chaninov, AV;Makarov, AV;Raimova, ESh;Bol'shakova, GB;Sukhikh, GT;
Bull. Exp. Biol. Med., Bull Exp Biol Med.2016 May;161(1):141-9. doi: 10.1007/s10517-016-3365-7, 2016
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Designing Drug-Response Experiments and Quantifying their Results
Hafner, M;Niepel, M;Subramanian, K;Sorger, PK;
Curr Protoc Chem Biol, Curr Protoc Chem Biol, 9(2):96-116, 42905, 2018
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