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Genotoxic Effects of Tributyltin and Triphenyltin Isothiocyanates, Cognate RXR Ligands: Comparison in Human Breast Carcinoma MCF 7 and MDA-MB-231 Cells
Hunakova, L;Horvathova, E;Majerova, K;Bobal, P;Otevrel, J;Brtko, J;
Int J Mol Sci, Int J Mol Sci 20(5):, 2019
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Recurrent TRIO fusion in non-translocation-related sarcomas
Delespaul, L;Lesluyes, T;Prot, G;Brulard, C;Lartigue, L;Baud, J;Lagarde, P;Le Guellec, S;Neuville, A;Terrier, P;Vince-Ranchre, D;Schmidt, S;Debant, A;Coindre, JM;Chibon, F;
Clin. Cancer Res., Clin. Cancer Res. ():, 2016
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Toll-like receptor 9 antagonizes antibody affinity maturation
Akkaya, M;Akkaya, B;Kim, AS;Miozzo, P;Sohn, H;Pena, M;Roesler, AS;Theall, BP;Henke, T;Kabat, J;Lu, J;Dorward, DW;Dahlstrom, E;Skinner, J;Miller, LH;Pierce, SK;
Nat. Immunol., Nat. Immunol. 19(3):255-266, 2018
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Effects of DLC1 Deficiency on Endothelial Cell Contact Growth Inhibition and Angiosarcoma Progression
Snchez-Martn, D;Otsuka, A;Kabashima, K;Ha, T;Wang, D;Qian, X;Lowy, DR;Tosato, G;
J. Natl. Cancer Inst., J. Natl. Cancer Inst. ():, 2017
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NED416, a novel synthetic Sirt1 activator, promotes cutaneous wound healing via the MAPK/Rho pathway
Wahedi, HM;Chae, JK;Subedi, L;Kang, MC;Cho, H;Kim, S;Kim, SY;
Int. J. Mol. Med., Int. J. Mol. Med. ():, 2020
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Pharmacology of the ATM inhibitor AZD0156: potentiation of irradiation and olaparib responses pre-clinically
Riches, LC;Trinidad, AG;Hughes, G;Jones, GN;Hughes, AM;Thomason, AG;Gavine, P;Cui, A;Ling, S;Stott, J;Clark, R;Peel, S;Gill, P;Goodwin, LM;Smith, A;Pike, KG;Barlaam, B;Pass, M;O'Connor, MJ;Smith, G;Cadogan, EB;
Mol. Cancer Ther., Mol. Cancer Ther. ():, 2019
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Acquired PIK3CA amplification causes resistance to selective phosphoinositide 3-kinase inhibitors in breast cancer
Huw, LY;O'Brien, C;Pandita, A;Mohan, S;Spoerke, JM;Lu, S;Wang, Y;Hampton, GM;Wilson, TR;Lackner, MR;
Oncogenesis, Oncogenesis 2():e83, 2013
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Equol, a Dietary Daidzein Gut Metabolite Attenuates Microglial Activation and Potentiates Neuroprotection In Vitro
Subedi, L;Ji, E;Shin, D;Jin, J;Yeo, JH;Kim, SY;
Nutrients, Nutrients 9(3):, 2017
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Alternative polyadenylation factors link cell cycle to migration
Mitra, M;Johnson, EL;Swamy, VS;Nersesian, LE;Corney, DC;Robinson, DG;Taylor, DG;Ambrus, AM;Jelinek, D;Wang, W;Batista, SL;Coller, HA;
Genome Biol., Genome Biol. 19(1):176, 2018
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Exosomal signaling during hypoxia mediates microvascular endothelial cell migration and vasculogenesis
Salomon, C;Ryan, J;Sobrevia, L;Kobayashi, M;Ashman, K;Mitchell, M;Rice, GE;
PLoS ONE, PLoS ONE 8(7):e68451, 2013
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