Incucyte and iQue Applications

Virology Assays

Maximum insights in minimal time

Learn more in less time from your in vitro virology studies. With Incucyte Live-Cell Analysis and iQue3 advanced flow cytometry, optimized reagents, and purpose-built software, you can easily gain deeper insights and accelerate research.

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Our Virology Assays are for:

  • Anti-viral small molecule and antibody discovery & development
  • Vaccine discovery & development
  • Pre-clinical antibody measurements to monitor exposure or protection
  • Basic research in immune host response

Explore the entire host-pathogen life cycle

From infection to immune response and recovery, discover how our suite of applications can deliver maximum data in less time with less sample.

Virology 1 Infection

Infection and Replication

Evaluate the initial immune response, including rates of infection and replication.

Virology 2 AB Internalization

Antibody Response

Study T-cell activation, resulting antibody titers, and host cell receptor expression.

Virology 3 T Cell


Rapidly measure T-cell memory, exhaustion, and antibody titer post-infection using minimal sample volumes.

Virology 4 Cell Line

Protective Immunity

Measure antibody affinity to monitor viral neutralization while concurrently evaluating host cell proliferation.

Live-Cell Analysis Assays

Live-Cell Immunocytochemistry

Live-Cell Analysis Assays


Sartorius COVID-19 Partner Program

Sartorius BioAnalytics is partnering with COVID-19 research groups to accelerate disease understanding and therapeutic development using our two unique platforms, the Incucyte Live-Cell Analysis System and iQue3 Advanced Flow Cytometry

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Learn how our customers are using the iQue Advanced Flow cytometry platform and Incucyte Live-Cell Analysis system for their virology research.

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Our Solutions

Our innovative platforms speed time to result, reveal more insight with less sample input, connect to automation systems, and are accessible remotely when not in the lab.

Faster, Smarter Flow Cytometry

iQue3 provides the speed and throughput needed to analyze large numbers of samples in the shortest time in the industry.

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Accessible Live-Cell Insights

Incucyte images and analyzes microplates of cells around the clock as they sit stationary in the stable environment of your tissue culture incubator.

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