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NOTCH signaling promotes survival of irradiated basal airway stem cells
Giuranno, L;Wansleeben, C;Iannone, R;Arathoon, L;Hounjet, J;Groot, AJ;Vooijs, M;
Am. J. Physiol. Lung Cell Mol. Physiol., Am. J. Physiol. Lung Cell Mol. Physiol. ():, 2019
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Induction of tumor cell apoptosis by a proteasome deubiquitinase inhibitor is associated with oxidative stress
Brnjic, S;Mazurkiewicz, M;Frykns, M;Sun, C;Zhang, X;Larsson, R;D'Arcy, P;Linder, S;
Antioxid. Redox Signal., Antioxid. Redox Signal. 21(17):2271-2285, 2014
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JQ1 affects BRD2-dependent and independent transcription regulation without disrupting H4-hyperacetylated chromatin states
Handoko, L;Kaczkowski, B;Hon, CC;Lizio, M;Wakamori, M;Matsuda, T;Ito, T;Jeyamohan, P;Sato, Y;Sakamoto, K;Yokoyama, S;Kimura, H;Minoda, A;Umehara, T;
Epigenetics, Epigenetics 13(4):410-431, 2018
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Methylation of all BRCA1 copies predicts response to the PARP inhibitor rucaparib in ovarian carcinoma
Kondrashova, O;Topp, M;Nesic, K;Lieschke, E;Ho, GY;Harrell, MI;Zapparoli, GV;Hadley, A;Holian, R;Boehm, E;Heong, V;Sanij, E;Pearson, RB;Krais, JJ;Johnson, N;McNally, O;Ananda, S;Alsop, K;Hutt, KJ;Kaufmann, SH;Lin, KK;Harding, TC;Traficante, N;, ;deFazio, A;McNeish, IA;Bowtell, DD;Swisher, EM;Dobrovic, A;Wakefield, MJ;Scott, CL;
Nat Commun, Nat Commun 9(1):3970, 2018
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HOXC6 promotes migration, invasion and proliferation of esophageal squamous cell carcinoma cells via modulating expression of genes involved in malignant phenotypes
Tang, L;Cao, Y;Song, X;Wang, X;Li, Y;Yu, M;Li, M;Liu, X;Huang, F;Chen, F;Wan, H;
PeerJ, PeerJ 7():e6607, 2019
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Hypoxia mimetic activity of VCE-004.8, a cannabidiol quinone derivative: implications for multiple sclerosis therapy
Navarrete, C;Carrillo-Salinas, F;Palomares, B;Mecha, M;Jimnez-Jimnez, C;Mestre, L;Feli, A;Bellido, ML;Fiebich, BL;Appendino, G;Calzado, MA;Guaza, C;Muoz, E;
J Neuroinflammation, J Neuroinflammation 15(1):64, 2018
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The lncRNA landscape of breast cancer reveals a role for DSCAM-AS1 in breast cancer progression
Niknafs, YS;Han, S;Ma, T;Speers, C;Zhang, C;Wilder-Romans, K;Iyer, MK;Pitchiaya, S;Malik, R;Hosono, Y;Prensner, JR;Poliakov, A;Singhal, U;Xiao, L;Kregel, S;Siebenaler, RF;Zhao, SG;Uhl, M;Gawronski, A;Hayes, DF;Pierce, LJ;Cao, X;Collins, C;Backofen, R;Sahinalp, CS;Rae, JM;Chinnaiyan, AM;Feng, FY;
Nat Commun, Nat Commun 7():12791, 2016
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INC280, an orally available small molecule inhibitor of c-MET, reduces migration and adhesion in ovarian cancer cell models
Moran-Jones, K;Brown, LM;Samimi, G;
Sci Rep, Sci Rep 5():11749, 2015
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Systematic knockdown of epigenetic enzymes identifies a novel histone demethylase PHF8 overexpressed in prostate cancer with an impact on cell proliferation, migration and invasion
Bjrkman, M;stling, P;Hrm, V;Virtanen, J;Mpindi, JP;Rantala, J;Mirtti, T;Vesterinen, T;Lundin, M;Sankila, A;Rannikko, A;Kaivanto, E;Kohonen, P;Kallioniemi, O;Nees, M;
Oncogene, Oncogene 31(29):3444-3456, 2012
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In vitro effects of PI3K/mTOR inhibition in canine hemangiosarcoma
Pyuen, AA;Meuten, T;Rose, BJ;Thamm, DH;
PLoS ONE, PLoS ONE 13(7):e0200634, 2018
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