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Development and Bioorthogonal Activation of Palladium-Labile Prodrugs of Gemcitabine
Weiss, Jason T et al
Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 57(12):5395-404, 2014
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MITF and BRN2 contribute to metastatic growth after dissemination of melanoma
Simmons, JL;Pierce, CJ;Al-Ejeh, F;Boyle, GM;
Sci Rep, Sci Rep, 7(1):10909, 2017
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Exosomes present in circulation of women with gestational diabetes mellitus carry a specific set of microRNAs associated with insulin resistant
Guanzon, D;Jayabalan, N;Palma, C;Nair, S;Scholz-Romero, K;Kinhal, V;Lai, A;McIntyre, D;Jansson, T;Rice, G;Lappas, M;Salomon, C;
Placenta, Placenta, ():, 2017
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Tumor Exosomes Are Required for Tumor-Associated Macrophage Programming
Rabe, DC;Rustandy, FD;Lee, J;Rosner, MR;
CellPress, CellPress, ():, 2019
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Knockout of the PKN Family of Rho Effector Kinases Reveals a Non-redundant Role for PKN2 in Developmental Mesoderm Expansion
Quétier, I;Marshall, JJ;Spencer-Dene, B;Lachmann, S;Casamassima, A;Franco, C;Escuin, S;Worrall, JT;Baskaran, P;Rajeeve, V;Howell, M;Copp, AJ;Stamp, G;Rosewell, I;Cutillas, P;Gerhardt, H;Parker, PJ;Cameron, AJ;
Cell Rep, 2016 Jan 26;14(3):440-8, 2016
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A novel peptide blocking cancer cell invasion by structure-based drug design
Yamada, Y;Kanayama, S;Ito, F;Kurita, N;Kobayashi, H;
Biomed Rep, Biomed Rep, 7(3):221-225, 2017
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Non-antioxidant properties of α-tocopherol reduce the anticancer activity of several protein kinase inhibitors in vitro
Pédeboscq S, Rey C, Petit M, Harpey C, De Giorgi F, Ichas F, et al
PLoS One, 7(5):e36811., 2012
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Profiling the tyrosine phosphoproteome of different mouse mammary tumour models reveals distinct, model-specific signalling networks and conserved oncogenic pathways
Ali, NA, Wu, J, Hochgräfe, F, Chan, H, Nair, R, Ye, S, Zhang, L, Lyons, RJ, Pinese, M, Lee, HC, Armstrong, N, Ormandy, CJ, Clark, SJ, Swarbrick, A, Daly, RJ,
Breast Cancer Res, 16(5), 437, 2014
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APR-246 potently inhibits tumour growth and overcomes chemoresistance in preclinical models of oesophageal adenocarcinoma
Liu, DS, Read, M, Cullinane, C, Azar, WJ, Fennell, CM, Montgomery, KG, Haupt, S, Haupt, Y, Wiman, KG, Duong, CP, Clemons, NJ, Phillips, WA,
Gut, pii: gutjnl-2015-309770, 2015
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Characterization of an influenza virus pseudotyped with Ebolavirus glycoprotein
Xiao, J;Rijal, P;Schimanski, L;Tharkeshwar, AK;Wright, E;Annaert, W;Townsend, A;
J. Virol., J. Virol., ():, 2018
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