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Drug sensitivity prediction models reveal a link between DNA repair defects and poor prognosis in HNSCC
Essers, PBM;van der Heijden, M;Verhagen, CVM;Ploeg, EM;de Roest, RH;Leemans, CR;Brakenhoff, RH;van den Brekel, MWM;Bartelink, H;Verheij, M;Vens, C;
Cancer Res., Cancer Res. ():, 2019
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Systemic administration of human mesenchymal stromal cells infected with polymer-coated oncolytic adenovirus induces efficient pancreatic tumor homing and infiltration
Na, Y;Nam, JP;Hong, J;Oh, E;Shin, HC;Kim, HS;Kim, SW;Yun, CO;
J Control Release, J Control Release 305():75-88, 2019
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Isoprenylcysteine carboxylmethyltransferase function is essential for RAB4A-mediated integrin 3 recycling, cell migration and cancer metastasis
Do, MT;Chai, TF;Casey, PJ;Wang, M;
Oncogene, Oncogene ():, 2017
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Sulforaphane as an anticancer molecule: mechanisms of action, synergistic effects, enhancement of drug safety, and delivery systems
Kamal, MM;Akter, S;Lin, CN;Nazzal, S;
Arch. Pharm. Res., Arch. Pharm. Res. ():, 2020
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A high-content platform to characterise human induced pluripotent stem cell lines
Leha, A;Moens, N;Meleckyte, R;Culley, OJ;Gervasio, MK;Kerz, M;Reimer, A;Cain, SA;Streeter, I;Folarin, A;Stegle, O;Kielty, CM;HipSci Consortium, ;Durbin, R;Watt, FM;Danovi, D;
Methods, Methods ():, 2015
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The isolation of morphologically intact and biologically active extracellular vesicles from the secretome of cancer-associated adipose tissue
Jeurissen, S;Vergauwen, G;Van Deun, J;Lapeire, L;Depoorter, V;Miinalainen, I;Sormunen, R;Van den Broecke, R;Braems, G;Cocquyt, V;Denys, H;Hendrix, A;
Cell Adh Migr, Cell Adh Migr ():1-9, 2017
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HIV Protease-Generated Casp8p41, When Bound and Inactivated by Bcl2, Is Degraded by the Proteasome
Natesampillai, S;Cummins, NW;Nie, Z;Sampath, R;Baker, JV;Henry, K;Pinzone, M;O'Doherty, U;Polley, EC;Bren, GD;Katzmann, DJ;Badley, AD;
J. Virol., J. Virol. 92(13):, 2018
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Mathematical Modeling Highlights the Complex Role of AKT in TRAIL-Induced Apoptosis of Colorectal Carcinoma Cells
Anderson, MW;Moss, JJ;Szalai, R;Lane, JD;
iScience, iScience 12():182-193, 2019
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Chemical biology drug sensitivity screen identifies sunitinib as synergistic agent with disulfiram in prostate cancer cells
Ketola, K;Kallioniemi, O;Iljin, K;
PLoS ONE, PLoS ONE 7(12):e51470, 2012
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Discovery and Characterization of R/S-N-3-Cyanophenyl-N'-(6-tert-butoxycarbonylamino-3,4-dihydro-2,2-dimethyl-2H-1-benzopyran-4-yl)urea, a New Histone Deacetylase Class III Inhibitor Exerting Antiproliferative Activity against Cancer Cell Lines
Schnekenburger, M;Goffin, E;Lee, JY;Jang, JY;Mazumder, A;Ji, S;Rogister, B;Bouider, N;Lefranc, F;Miklos, W;Mathieu, V;de Tullio, P;Kim, KW;Dicato, M;Berger, W;Han, BW;Kiss, R;Pirotte, B;Diederich, M;
J. Med. Chem., J. Med. Chem. ():, 2017
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