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Deep Sequencing MicroRNAs from Extracellular Membrane Vesicles Revealed the Association of the Vesicle Cargo with Cellular Origin
Than, UTT;Guanzon, D;Broadbent, JA;Parker, TJ;Leavesley, DI;
Int J Mol Sci, Int J Mol Sci 21(3):, 2020
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Genomic analyses reveal broad impact of miR-137 on genes associated with malignant transformation and neuronal differentiation in glioblastoma cells
Tamim, S;Vo, DT;Uren, PJ;Qiao, M;Bindewald, E;Kasprzak, WK;Shapiro, BA;Nakaya, HI;Burns, SC;Araujo, PR;Nakano, I;Radek, AJ;Kuersten, S;Smith, AD;Penalva, LO;
PLoS ONE, PLoS ONE 9(1):e85591, 2014
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-Mangostin induces G1 cell cycle arrest in HCT116 cells through p38MAPK-p16INK4a pathway
Korm, S;Jeong, H;Kwon, O;Park, J;Cho, H;Kim, Y;Chin, Y;Cha, H;
RSC Adv., RSC Adv. 5(44):34752-34760, 2015
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Spatiotemporal characteristics of fibroblasts-dependent cancer cell invasion
Miyashita, T;Omori, T;Nakamura, H;Sugano, M;Neri, S;Fujii, S;Hashimoto, H;Tsuboi, M;Ochiai, A;Ishii, G;
J Cancer Res Clin Oncol, J Cancer Res Clin Oncol ():, 2018
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Induction of an alternative 5 leader enhances translation of Inpp5e and resistance to oncolytic virus infection
Hoang, HD;Graber, T;Jia, JJ;Vaidya, N;Gilchrist, V;Li, W;
bioRxiv, bioRxiv ():, 2019
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IRF1 Is a Transcriptional Regulator of ZBP1 Promoting NLRP3 Inflammasome Activation and Cell Death during Influenza Virus Infection
Kuriakose, T;Zheng, M;Neale, G;Kanneganti, TD;
J. Immunol., J. Immunol. ():, 2018
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CD95L mRNA And CD95L Derived si-and shRNAs Kill Cancer Cells Through An RNAi Mechanism By Targeting Survival Genes
Putzbach, W;Gao, Q;Patel, M;Hadji, A;van Dongen, S;Haluck-Kangas, A;Bartom, E;Stults, A;Qadir, A;Kim, K;Hafner, M;Zhao, J;Murmann, A;Peter, M;
bioRxiv, bioRxiv ():, 2017
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Activator of G protein signaling 3 modulates prostate tumor development and progression
Adekoya, T;Smith, N;Aladeniyi, T;Blumer, J;Chen, X;Richardson, R;
Carcinogenesis, Carcinogenesis ():, 2019
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KIAA1199 promotes migration and invasion by Wnt/-catenin pathway and MMPs mediated EMT progression and serves as a poor prognosis marker in gastric cancer
Jia, S;Qu, T;Wang, X;Feng, M;Yang, Y;Feng, X;Ma, R;Li, W;Hu, Y;Feng, Y;Ji, K;Li, Z;Jiang, W;Ji, J;
PLoS ONE, PLoS ONE 12(4):e0175058, 2017
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Transmembrane prostatic acid phosphatase (TMPAP) delays cells in G1 phase of the cell cycle
Araujo, CL;Quintero, IB;Ovaska, K;Herrala, AM;Hautaniemi, S;Vihko, PT;
Prostate, Prostate ():, 2015
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