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Resilience in aging and age-related disease. Abstracts from the 2019 Barshop Conference on Aging
Ladiges, W;, ;Ikeno, Y;Wang, L;
APT, APT 2(1):01-13, 2020
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Survey of the translation shifts in hepatocellular carcinoma with ribosome profiling
Zou, Q;Xiao, Z;Huang, R;Wang, X;Wang, X;Zhao, H;Yang, X;
Theranostics, Theranostics 9(14):4141-4155, 2019
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Targeting ferroptosis: A novel therapeutic strategy for the treatment of mitochondrial disease-related epilepsy
Kahn-Kirby, AH;Amagata, A;Maeder, CI;Mei, JJ;Sideris, S;Kosaka, Y;Hinman, A;Malone, SA;Bruegger, JJ;Wang, L;Kim, V;Shrader, WD;Hoff, KG;Latham, JC;Ashley, EA;Wheeler, MT;Bertini, E;Carrozzo, R;Martinelli, D;Dionisi-Vici, C;Chapman, KA;Enns, GM;Gahl, W;Wolfe, L;Saneto, RP;Johnson, SC;Trimmer, JK;Klein, MB;Holst, CR;
PLoS ONE, PLoS ONE 14(3):e0214250, 2019
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Functional Annotation of ESR1 Gene Fusions in Estrogen Receptor-Positive Breast Cancer
Lei, JT;Shao, J;Zhang, J;Iglesia, M;Chan, DW;Cao, J;Anurag, M;Singh, P;He, X;Kosaka, Y;Matsunuma, R;Crowder, R;Hoog, J;Phommaly, C;Goncalves, R;Ramalho, S;Peres, RMR;Punturi, N;Schmidt, C;Bartram, A;Jou, E;Devarakonda, V;Holloway, KR;Lai, WV;Hampton, O;Rogers, A;Tobias, E;Parikh, PA;Davies, SR;Li, S;Ma, CX;Suman, VJ;Hunt, KK;Watson, MA;Hoadley, KA;Thompson, EA;Chen, X;Kavuri, SM;Creighton, CJ;Maher, CA;Perou, CM;Haricharan, S;Ellis, MJ;
Cell Rep, Cell Rep 24(6):1434-1444.e7, 2018
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Activation of the STAT3/microRNA-21 pathway participates in angiotensin II-induced angiogenesis
Chen, LY;Wang, X;Qu, XL;Pan, LN;Wang, ZY;Lu, YH;Hu, HY;
J. Cell. Physiol., J. Cell. Physiol. ():, 2019
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Single-cell transcriptomics reveals a new dynamical function of transcription factors during embryonic hematopoiesis
Bergiers, I;Andrews, T;Vargel Blkba, ;Buness, A;Janosz, E;Lopez-Anguita, N;Ganter, K;Kosim, K;Celen, C;Itr Perin, G;Collier, P;Baying, B;Benes, V;Hemberg, M;Lancrin, C;
Elife, Elife 7():, 2018
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Salinomycin-Loaded Gold Nanoparticles for Treating Cancer Stem Cells by Ferroptosis-Induced Cell Death
Zhao, Y;Zhao, W;Lim, YC;Liu, T;
Mol. Pharm., Mol. Pharm. ():, 2019
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Organelle Specific O-Glycosylation Drives MMP14 Activation, Tumor Growth, and Metastasis
Nguyen, AT;Chia, J;Ros, M;Hui, KM;Saltel, F;Bard, F;
Cancer Cell, Cancer Cell 32(5):639-653.e6, 2017
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Dexamethasone acts as a radiosensitizer in three astrocytoma cell lines via oxidative stress
Ortega-Martnez, S;
Redox Biology, Redox Biology ():, 2015
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A P53-Independent DNA Damage Response Suppresses Oncogenic Proliferation and Genome Instability
Fagan-Solis, KD;Simpson, DA;Kumar, RJ;Martelotto, LG;Mose, LE;Rashid, NU;Ho, AY;Powell, SN;Wen, YH;Parker, JS;Reis-Filho, JS;Petrini, JHJ;Gupta, GP;
Cell Rep, Cell Rep 30(5):1385-1399.e7, 2020
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