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Upregulation of mitochondrial NAD(+) levels impairs the clonogenicity of SSEA1(+) glioblastoma tumor-initiating cells
Son, MJ;Ryu, JS;Kim, JY;Kwon, Y;Chung, KS;Mun, SJ;Cho, YS;
Exp. Mol. Med., Exp. Mol. Med. 49(6):e344, 2017
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Essential Gene Profiles for Human Pluripotent Stem Cells Identify Uncharacterized Genes and Substrate Dependencies
Mair, B;Tomic, J;Masud, SN;Tonge, P;Weiss, A;Usaj, M;Tong, AHY;Kwan, JJ;Brown, KR;Titus, E;Atkins, M;Chan, KSK;Munsie, L;Habsid, A;Han, H;Kennedy, M;Cohen, B;Keller, G;Moffat, J;
Cell Rep, Cell Rep 27(2):599-615.e12, 2019
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A unique binding mode enables MCM2 to chaperone histones H3-H4 at replication forks
Huang, H;Strmme, CB;Saredi, G;Hdl, M;Strandsby, A;Gonzlez-Aguilera, C;Chen, S;Groth, A;Patel, DJ;
Nat. Struct. Mol. Biol., Nat. Struct. Mol. Biol. 22(8):618-626, 2015
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Acquisition of cell migration defines NK cell differentiation from hematopoietic stem cell precursors
Lee, BJ;Mace, EM;
bioRxiv, bioRxiv ():, 2017
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Intracellular trafficking and endocytosis of CXCR4 in fetal mesenchymal stem/stromal cells
Pelekanos, RA;Ting, MJ;Sardesai, VS;Ryan, JM;Lim, YC;Chan, JK;Fisk, NM;
BMC Cell Biol., BMC Cell Biol. 15():15, 2014
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Non-redundant roles in sister chromatid cohesion of the DNA helicase DDX11 and the SMC3 acetyl transferases ESCO1 and ESCO2
Faramarz, A;Balk, JA;van Schie, JJM;Oostra, AB;Ghandour, CA;Rooimans, MA;Wolthuis, RMF;de Lange, J;
PLoS ONE, PLoS ONE 15(1):e0220348, 2020
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Intratumoural Heterogeneity Underlies Distinct Therapy Responses and Treatment Resistance in Glioblastoma
Akgl, S;Patch, AM;D'Souza, RCJ;Mukhopadhyay, P;Nones, K;Kempe, S;Kazakoff, SH;Jeffree, RL;Stringer, BW;Pearson, JV;Waddell, N;Day, BW;
Cancers (Basel), Cancers (Basel) 11(2):, 2019
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TDP-43 extracted from frontotemporal lobar degeneration subject brains displays distinct aggregate assemblies and neurotoxic effects reflecting disease progression rates
Laferrire, F;Maniecka, Z;Prez-Berlanga, M;Hruska-Plochan, M;Gilhespy, L;Hock, EM;Wagner, U;Afroz, T;Boersema, PJ;Barmettler, G;Foti, SC;Asi, YT;Isaacs, AM;Al-Amoudi, A;Lewis, A;Stahlberg, H;Ravits, J;De Giorgi, F;Ichas, F;Bezard, E;Picotti, P;Lashley, T;Polymenidou, M;
Nat. Neurosci., Nat. Neurosci. 22(1):65-77, 2019
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Loss of cancer drug activity in colon cancer HCT-116 cells during spheroid formation in a new 3-D spheroid cell culture system
Karlsson, H;Frykns, M;Larsson, R;Nygren, P;
Exp. Cell Res., Exp. Cell Res. 318(13):1577-1585, 2012
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FMDV replicons encoding green fluorescent protein are replication competent
Tulloch, F;Pathania, U;Luke, GA;Nicholson, J;Stonehouse, NJ;Rowlands, DJ;Jackson, T;Tuthill, T;Haas, J;Lamond, AI;Ryan, MD;
J. Virol. Methods, J. Virol. Methods 209():35-40, 2014
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