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IncuCyte® Live-cell Analysis System

IncuCyte® Research Areas

The IncuCyte® Live-Cell Analysis System is a highly flexible assay platform that supports applications across various areas of research, including immunology, oncology, immuno-oncology and cell therapy. Whether measuring cell health & viability, monitoring cell lines, or conducting more advanced applications, such as chemotaxis, cell migration & invasion or immune cell killing, we offer a wide variety of assays, reagents and consumables designed to meet the experimental needs of your research. Please reference the research areas below to learn more about associated applications and available products.

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IncuCyte Research Areas Oncology


The IncuCyte® system provides unique insights into cancer stem biology, 3D models, and immuno-oncology. 

Learn more about oncology

IncuCyte Research Areas Immuno-oncology


The IncuCyte® Live-Cell Analysis System enables real-time measurements of the dynamic interactions between immune and cancer cells. 

Learn more about immuno-oncology

IncuCyte Research Areas Immunology


Maximize your immunological research insights with image-based, real-time analysis of living immune cells using the IncuCyte® Live-Cell Analysis System.

Learn more about immunology

IncuCyte Research Areas Cell Therapy


The IncuCyte® S3 Live-Cell Analysis System for Neuroscience enables real-time automated measurements of the dynamic changes and interactions of cells of the nervous system while they sit undisturbed inside your incubator.

Learn more about Neuroscience

IncuCyte Research Areas Cell Therapy

Cell Therapy

The IncuCyte® Live-Cell Analysis System provides information-rich Solutions to transform cell therapy research and discovery.

Learn more about Cell Therapy

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