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On the IncuCyte® Live-Cell Analysis System

"For the past 5 years, wherever I end up, I have been able to convince my superiors to purchase at least one IncuCyte.  I can’t be a cell biologist without it!"

Julie Gorenstein, Research Scientist, Blueprint Pharmaceuticals

"The Essen IncuCyte FLR and ZOOM have been transformative for our research institute. The IncuCyte platform allows us to replace end-point assays of cell viability with high-throughput, kinetic assays in which viability (measured as cell confluence) or morphology is measured as a function of time in response to specific perturbations, so that we can rapidly execute both small- and large-scale studies and comprehensively address the questions fundamental to our research."

Alexander Pertsemlidis, Associate Professor at Departments of Pediatrics and Cellular & Structural Biology, Greehey Children’s Cancer Research Institute, UT Health Science Center at San Antonio

"We have been using Essen's IncuCyte technology for the last ten years ranging from their earliest phase contrast reader to the dual fluorescent capable ZOOM. Essen BioScience continues to evolve this product from its first live content incubator based imager through to its full integration into robotic systems.  Real time growth kinetic capture is now an obligate tool for characterizing cell lines for use in drug discovery."

Kevin William Huff, Dept. of Vaccine Process Development - HTPD Automation & Screening, MRL Vaccines Research

"IncuCyte, automated long-term live-cell imaging system, offers a powerful platform for Stem Cell Research. This imaging system in combination with cellular dyes, stem cell specific stains and antibodies is an ideal solution for real time tracking of reprogramming, dissecting basic biology and screening for modulators of pluripotency maintenance and differentiation."

Uma Lakshmipathy, Life Technologies

"IncuCyte ZOOM quickly became essential equipment that is used daily for a variety of applications such as cell viability, caspase-activity assays, viral infections and monitoring cell QC. The ease of use, acquisition of kinetic data, reliability, and the robustness of the analysis software are probably the features appreciated most by all. We are extremely pleased with the system and the support from Essen and will likely try to acquire another instrument soon."

Dr. Martin Holcik, Director, Molecular Biomedicine Program, Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario Research Institute

"Essen BioScience provides excellent services on the hardware and software for IncuCyte as well as research and technology development.  By using IncuCyte, we cut down assay development time because we, as a cell-based assay group, can easily monitor cell doubling time and determine proper cell seeding density, which affects the success of cell based assays.  In addition, various reagents developed or referenced by Essen BioScience that are compatible with IncuCyte open up opportunities for developing complex assays with the potential of being used in higher-end high-content imagers/analysis platforms."

Eunhye Park, Ph.D., Scientist II/Oncology-Cell Based Assay Group, Novartis (NIBR)

"The IncuCyte has proved itself a robust and stable imaging platform, with multiple systems having been in near constant use for greater than 3 years.  These systems are used for both product development and manufacture/QC of numerous products and we’ve been pleased with system performance and the service & support provided by Essen."

R&D Manager, Life Sciences Division, Life Technologies

"The IncuCyte ZOOM is a trusted tool for our cell-based experiments. Automated image collection, in phase-contrast and fluorescent modes, is highly adaptable for our experimental needs. Data processing and quantification are intuitive and user-friendly. The ZOOM has become an integral part of our laboratory."

Judy Wong Ph.D., MSFHR Scholar, Associate Professor, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, The University of British Columbia

"The IncuCyte live cell imager is a must have tool when your research requires monitoring cell based assays in real-time. We use our IncuCyte FLR for various applications ranging from standard cell growth monitoring and assay development to full scale HTS drug and siRNA screens for cancer target discovery. Flexibility of the instrument makes it an excellent tool for all these purposes. The microscope has also proven to be extremely robust with minimal encountered downtime despite continuous day and night use which to us is the key feature. I would recommend the instrument to anyone doing cell based screening."

Juha Rantala, Ph.D., Research Assistant Professor, Department Of Biomedical Engineering, Oregon Health and Science University

On customer satisfaction

"Our laboratory has had great experiences using the IncuCyte HD and IncuCyte FLR platforms for many years. The precision engineering of the IncuCyte, particularly when coupled with ImageLock culture plates, provides high quality movies that are great for presentations. The software packages provided by Essen Bioscience are user friendly and we have had only positive experiences with their technical support staff and scientists whenever we have had a question or suggestion."

Steven K. Lundy, Ph.D., Research Assistant Professor, University of Michigan Medical School

"We have used Essen’s skills and capabilities to provide key data for a number of projects. Essen are customer-focused, have the required sense of urgency, produce data of very high quality and importantly also provide a significant amount of data interpretation to allow us to make timely decisions on project progression."

Head of Biology, Virtual Biotech Discovery Company

"Research is in part a lot of hard work, timing and good luck.  Lucky for us, Essen BioScience released IncuCyte and took away much of the hard work associated with proliferation and migration assays in our studies under hypoxic conditions.  We have two IncuCytes that have been running virtually non-stop for the last four years, and the reliability is remarkable.  The newly acquired IncuCyte ZOOM is opening new areas of opportunity in our study . Timing wise, I only wish Essen had released IncuCyte years earlier!"

Stephen Chung, Lab Manager, Brad Wouter's Lab, Hypoxia Program, Ontario Cancer Institute

"Our IncuCyte FLR is widely used here at MCW Cancer Center and has provided valuable data for several manuscripts and grant proposals in the first year that we’ve had it.  Our researchers quickly learned the value of monitoring the characteristics of their cell cultures in real-time and performing assays kinetically, which put our instrument in high demand almost immediately."

Michael A. James, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Medical College of Wisconsin Cancer Center, Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology

"I was hesistant as to the capabilities of the IncuCyte however, upon demoing the instrument, I was able to visualize cell behavior that I didn't know was occurring and therefore, quickly purchased an instrument.  The IncuCyte and it's software has allowed us to automate cell counting and analysis of cell behavior in a reproducible way.  This will revolutionize the way we do cell culture in years to come."

Amber E. Kerstetter-Fogle, Ph.D., Research Associate, Neurological Surgery, Case Western Reserve Medical Center

On expertise

"We sought Essen's considerable expertise in ion channel assays to help us develop a screening method for identification of channel blocking monoclonal antibodies. We were impressed with the depth of technical knowledge applied by Essen's scientists in the set-up and trouble shooting stages, and with the highly rigorous way our assays and experiments were completed."

CSO, Virtual Biotech Discovery Company

"The IncuCyte ZOOM is an essential piece of equipment for my studies of cell growth in response to extracellular signals. The kinetic information I get from the IncuCyte is easy-to-visualize and interpret, useful directly as stand-alone data, and also helps inform the design of complementary experiments. Essen has provided outstanding support for installation, operation and updates."

Alain D. Silk, .Ph.D., Postdoctoral Researcher, Knight Cancer Institute, Oregon Health & Science University

"We’ve been extremely impressed with Essen BioScience, not only in their ability to design and plan our ion channel project work, but also to expedite to a high standard and on schedule. I would thoroughly recommend them as an ion channel discovery partner."

Project Manager, Biotech Discovery Company

On services

"Essen have provided a rapid turnaround of data for our projects, enabling key SAR to be generated. Communication channels are clear and all requests have been responded to quickly."

Director of Drug Discovery, Not for Profit Foundation

"We have been repeatedly impressed with the quality and timely delivery of the biological results."

Outsourcing Manager, Midsize Biotech
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