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AXL targeting abrogates autophagic flux and induces immunogenic cell death in drug resistant cancer cells
Lotsberg, ML;Wnuk-Lipinska, K;Terry, S;Tan, TZ;Lu, N;Trachsel-Moncho, L;Rsland, GV;Siraji, MI;Hellesy, M;Rayford, A;Jacobsen, K;Ditzel, HJ;Vintermyr, OK;Bivona, TG;Minna, J;Brekken, RA;Baguley, B;Micklem, D;Akslen, LA;Gausdal, G;Simonsen, A;Thiery, JP;Chouaib, S;Lorens, JB;Engelsen, AST;
J Thorac Oncol, J Thorac Oncol ():, 2020
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Scavenger Receptor Class B Member 1 Independent Uptake of Transthyretin by Cultured Hepatocytes Is Regulated by High Density Lipoprotein
Landers, K;dEmden, M;Richard, K;
Journal of Lipids, Journal of Lipids 2019():1-7, 2019
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Ultrasmall Gold Nanocluster Based Antibacterial Nanoaggregates for Infectious Wound Healing
RavindranGirija, A;Balasubramanian, S;Bright, R;Cowin, A;Goswami, N;Vasilev, K;
ChemNanoMat, ChemNanoMat ():, 2019
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Guanylate binding proteins facilitate caspase-11-dependent pyroptosis in response to type 3 secretion system-negative Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Balakrishnan, A;Karki, R;Berwin, B;Yamamoto, M;Kanneganti, TD;
Cell Death Discov, Cell Death Discov 5():3, 2018
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FAK auto-phosphorylation site tyrosine 397 is required for development but dispensable for normal skin homeostasis
Heim, JB;McDonald, CA;Wyles, SP;Sominidi-Damodaran, S;Squirewell, EJ;Li, M;Motsonelidze, C;Bttcher, RT;van Deursen, J;Meves, A;
PLoS ONE, PLoS ONE 13(7):e0200558, 2018
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Kinetic Measurement and Real Time Visualization of Somatic Reprogramming.
Quintanilla, RH;Asprer, J;Sylakowski, K;Lakshmipathy, U;
J Vis Exp, J Vis Exp (113):, 2016
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Gangliosides in the differentiation process of primary neurons: the specific role of GM1-oligosaccharide
Di Biase, E;Lunghi, G;Fazzari, M;Maggioni, M;Pom, DY;Valsecchi, M;Samarani, M;Fato, P;Ciampa, MG;Prioni, S;Mauri, L;Sonnino, S;Chiricozzi, E;
Glycoconj. J., Glycoconj. J. ():, 2020
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Mutations in TIMM50 compromise cell survival in OxPhos-dependent metabolic conditions
Reyes, A;Melchionda, L;Burlina, A;Robinson, AJ;Ghezzi, D;Zeviani, M;
EMBO Mol Med, EMBO Mol Med ():, 2018
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Discovery of human lactate dehydrogenase 5 inhibitors (hLDH5) with anti-lung cancer activity through an in silico method and biological validation
He, S;Wang, Q;
Bioorg. Med. Chem. Lett., Bioorg. Med. Chem. Lett. ():, 2019
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Autophagy regulates inflammatory programmed cell death via turnover of RHIM-domain proteins
Lim, J;Park, H;Heisler, J;Maculins, T;Roose-Girma, M;Xu, M;Mckenzie, B;van Lookeren Campagne, M;Newton, K;Murthy, A;
Elife, Elife 8():, 2019
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