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CTC Marker CD117/c-kit Represents a Prostate Cancer Stem-Like Subpopulation Driving Progression, Migration, and TKI Resistance
Harris, K;Foster, B;Shi, L;Mobley, M;Elliott, P;Kerr, B;
bioRxiv, bioRxiv ():, 2018
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Development and application of a dual rat and human AHR activation assay
Brown, MR;Garside, H;Thompson, E;Atwal, S;Bean, C;Goodall, T;Sullivan, M;Graham, MJ;
Toxicological Science, Toxicological Science ():, 2017
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Bone marrow-derived humoral factors suppress oxidative phosphorylation, upregulate TSG-6, and improve therapeutic effects on liver injury of mesenchymal stem cells
Miyaji, T;Takami, T;Fujisawa, K;Matsumoto, T;Yamamoto, N;Sakaida, I;
J. Clin. Biochem. Nutr., J. Clin. Biochem. Nutr. ():, 2020
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Targeting Mitochondrial Calcium Uptake with the Natural Flavonol Kaempferol, to Promote Metabolism/Secretion Coupling in Pancreatic -cells
Bermont, F;Hermant, A;Benninga, R;Chabert, C;Jacot, G;Santo-Domingo, J;Kraus, MR;Feige, JN;De Marchi, U;
Nutrients, Nutrients 12(2):, 2020
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Suppression of the metastatic spread of breast cancer by DN10764 (AZD7762)-mediated inhibition of AXL signaling
Park, JS;Lee, C;Kim, HK;Kim, D;Son, JB;Ko, E;Cho, JH;Kim, ND;Nan, HY;Kim, CY;Yoon, S;Lee, SH;Choi, HG;
Oncotarget, Oncotarget 7(50):83308-83318, 2016
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Mitochondrial Hsp90s suppress calcium-mediated stress signals propagating from mitochondria to the ER in cancer cells
Park, HK;Lee, JE;Lim, J;Kang, BH;
Mol. Cancer, Mol. Cancer 13():148, 2014
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Modulation of Target Antigen Density Improves CAR T Cell Functionality and Persistence
Ramakrishna, S;Highfill, SL;Walsh, Z;Nguyen, SM;Lei, H;Shern, JF;Qin, H;Kraft, IL;Stetler-Stevenson, M;Yuan, CM;Hwang, JD;Feng, Y;Zhu, Z;Dimitrov, D;Shah, NN;Fry, T;
Clin. Cancer Res., Clin. Cancer Res. ():, 2019
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Proteasome inhibition blocks necroptosis by attenuating death complex aggregation
Ali, M;Mocarski, ES;
Cell Death Dis, Cell Death Dis 9(3):346, 2018
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RIG-I-like receptors direct inflammatory macrophage polarization against West Nile virus infection
Stone, AEL;Green, R;Wilkins, C;Hemann, EA;Gale, M;
Nat Commun, Nat Commun 10(1):3649, 2019
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STING-mediated disruption of calcium homeostasis chronically activates ER stress and primes T cell death
Wu, J;Chen, YJ;Dobbs, N;Sakai, T;Liou, J;Miner, JJ;Yan, N;
J. Exp. Med., J. Exp. Med. 216(4):867-883, 2019
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