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Iron/Copper Co-Catalyzed Cross-Coupling Reaction for the Synthesis of 6-Substituted 7-Deazapurines and the Corresponding Nucleosides
Li, Q;Persoons, L;Daelemans, D;Herdewijn, P;
J. Org. Chem., J. Org. Chem. ():, 2019
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Lysyl oxidase assists tumorinitiating cells to enhance angiogenesis in hepatocellular carcinoma
Yang, M;Liu, J;Wang, F;Tian, Z;Ma, B;Li, Z;Wang, B;Zhao, W;
Int. J. Oncol., Int. J. Oncol. ():, 2019
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Suppression of MAPK11 or HIPK3 reduces mutant Huntingtin levels in Huntington's disease models
Yu, M;Fu, Y;Liang, Y;Song, H;Yao, Y;Wu, P;Yao, Y;Pan, Y;Wen, X;Ma, L;Hexige, S;Ding, Y;Luo, S;Lu, B;
Cell Res., Cell Res. 27(12):1441-1465, 2017
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Beta-catenin represses protein kinase D1 gene expression by non-canonical pathway through MYC/MAX transcription complex in prostate cancer
Nickkholgh, B;Sittadjody, S;Rothberg, MB;Fang, X;Li, K;Chou, JW;Hawkins, GA;Balaji, KC;
Oncotarget, Oncotarget 8(45):78811-78824, 2017
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Stimuli-responsive hybrid nanocarriers developed by controllable integration of hyperbranched PEI with mesoporous silica nanoparticles for sustained intracellular siRNA delivery
Prabhakar, N;Zhang, J;Desai, D;Casals, E;Gulin-Sarfraz, T;Nreoja, T;Westermarck, J;Rosenholm, JM;
Int J Nanomedicine, Int J Nanomedicine 11():6591-6608, 2016
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Abstracts from the 13th International Conference on Cerebral Vascular Biology (CVB 2019)
Toborek, M;
Fluids Barriers CNS, Fluids Barriers CNS 16(S1):1-57, 2019
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Potent, selective and subunit-dependent activation of TRPC5 channels by a xanthine derivative
Minard, A;Bauer, CC;Chuntharpursat-Bon, E;Pickles, IB;Wright, DJ;Ludlow, MJ;Burnham, MP;Warriner, SL;Beech, DJ;Muraki, K;Bon, RS;
Br. J. Pharmacol., Br. J. Pharmacol. ():, 2019
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Afatinib is a new therapeutic approach in chordoma with a unique ability to target EGFR and Brachyury
Magnaghi, P;Salom, B;Cozzi, L;Amboldi, N;Ballinari, D;Tamborini, E;Gasparri, F;Montagnoli, A;Raddrizzani, L;Somaschini, A;Bosotti, R;Orrenius, C;Bozzi, F;Pilotti, S;Galvani, A;Sommer, J;Stacchiotti, S;Isacchi, A;
Mol. Cancer Ther., Mol. Cancer Ther. ():, 2017
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Optimization of Corneal Epithelial Progenitor Cell Growth on Bombyx mori Silk Fibroin Membranes
Hogerheyde, TA;Suzuki, S;Walshe, J;Bray, LJ;Stephenson, SA;Harkin, DG;Richardson, NA;
Stem Cells Int, Stem Cells Int 2016():8310127, 2016
Gefitinib or lapatinib with foretinib synergistically induce a cytotoxic effect in melanoma cell lines
Dratkiewicz, E;Pietraszek-Gremplewicz, K;Simiczyjew, A;Mazur, AJ;Nowak, D;
Oncotarget, Oncotarget 9(26):18254-18268, 2018
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