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To develop and validate next generation immuno-oncology therapies, researchers must understand the function and dysfunction of the immune system in isolation as well as their interactions with tumor cells. In vitro assays, from simple cell proliferation, differentiation, and migration assays to more complex co-culture models, such as immune cell killing and phagocytosis assays, are critical for the characterization of therapeutic treatments.

Current approaches to evaluating the modulation of the immune response are typically end point, requiring indirect readouts and are not analyzed within a controlled stable environment. They provide little to no information about the long-term time course of the biology and are unable to reveal the dynamic interactions between immune and cancer cells.

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White Paper: The evolution of immune cell killing assays using live-cell analysis


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Measure dynamic interactions between immune and cancer cells with the IncuCyte® system

The IncuCyte® Live-Cell Analysis System enables real-time, automated and direct measurements of the dynamic interactions between immune and cancer cells. The system fits seamlessly in to existing research workflows. Non-invasive measurements mean that cells or supernatants can be used for downstream assays or further complementary analyses (e.g. flow cytometry, biochemical analysis).

  • These real-time, live-cell assays provide deeper biological insight into the full time course of events.
  • Direct, image-based analyses offer valuable morphological and spatial information and ensure every measurement can be validated with images and movies.
  • Fully automated image capture and analysis enhance workflow productivity

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IncuCyte® live-cell analysis reagents and consumables for immuno-oncology research enable measurement of dynamic interactions between immune and cancer cells.

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