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Developing the next generation of therapies for neurological and psychiatric disease relies on advanced technologies that provide detailed morphological and functional insight into living cells. The IncuCyte® S3 Live-Cell Analysis System for Neuroscience enables real-time automated measurements of the dynamic changes and interactions of cells of the nervous system while they sit undisturbed inside your incubator. A new era of discovery awaits....

  • Evaluate health, structure, and function with a single, flexible platform
  • Gain unprecedented access to phenotypic information with an end-to-end solution
  • Quantify both significant and subtle changes occurring over weeks or months
  • Enable upstream and downstream workflows with cell sparing and cell preserving assays

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Unraveling the Complexities of Neurological Disease and Injury with Real-time Live-cell Analysis

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Live-cell Analysis for Neuroscientists: applications for iPSCs and primary cell models

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Expand your toolkit for neuroscience research with live-cell imaging and analysis


Cell Health and Morphology

Neuroscience Function 1

Neuronal Function

Record activity from over a thousand cells to study changes in neuronal network activity and connectivity

Discover more: Neuronal activity

Neuroscience Function 2

Neuroimmune Function

Quantify microglial clearance of cell debris, and observe chemotactic migration

Learn more: Neuroimmune function

Neuroscience Cell Heath & Morphology

Measure neural cell viability continuously throughout your experiment, and visualize changes in neurite dynamics

Gain insight: Neuronal cell health and morphology

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Neuroscience literature & resources

Find helpful resources for neuroscience research like peer-reviewed publications, application notes, protocols, scientific posters, videos, and more.

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Neuroscience reagents and software

A comprehensive range of reagents and software for the IncuCyte live-cell analysis system is available to support your neuroscience research.

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