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Exploring the hallmarks of cancer with real-time live-cell analysis

The hallmarks of cancer* are continually being updated. This constantly evolving picture of tumor biology is helping to shed new light on the behavior of many cancers, as well as providing new pharmacological targets and treatment strategies. Much of this progress has been driven by technological advances, and the last decade has seen huge strides made in the field of live-cell assays, using both traditional 2D techniques and advanced 3D cell culture models.

The live-cell analysis capabilities of the IncuCyte® system are revolutionizing the field of oncology research. By offering the ability to study cancer cell biology over time, in a completely non-perturbing way, this system is providing unique insights into:

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Cancer stem biology

Study the ‘competitive advantage’ cancer cells have when it comes to growth and proliferation. Live-cell analysis lets you see what happened and when.

Learn more about Cancer stem biology


3D models

Leverage tumor spheroid models to derive more physiologically-relevant insight. Our turnkey solution will unlock your productivity.

Learn more about 3D models



Enable real-time, automated and direct measurements of the dynamic interactions between immune and cancer cells.

Learn more about Immuno-oncology

IncuCyte® Live-Cell Analysis System – Cell Assays for Oncology



Easily generate kinetic measurements in microplate format and derive insight into the proliferative phenotype.

Learn more about Proliferation



Investigate aberrations in apoptotic pathways in intact, living cells using non-perturbing detection reagents.

Learn more about Apoptosis



Enable real-time, automated cytotoxicity assays inside your tissue culture incubator.

Learn more about Cytotoxicity


Cell Migration and Invasion 

Visualize and analyze migration and invasion with or without a chemotactic gradient using novel 96-well format IncuCyte Scratch Wound and Chemotaxis Assays.

Learn more about Cell Migration and Invasion



Track and measure vascular tube formation over time using our fully integrated solution that includes cells, reagents and purpose-built software tools.

Learn more about Angiogenesis

IncuCyte reagents for oncology

Review our comprehensive range of oncology reagents & consumables to find the right reagent or consumable to maximize your research.

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Oncology literature & resources

Find literature and other resources for oncology research. Browse protocols, scientific posters, technical documentation, and helpful videos.

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1. Hanahan, D. and Weinberg, R.A, 2011. Hallmarks of Cancer: The Next Generation. Cell. Read more

2. Fouad, Y.A. & Aanei, C., 2017. Revisiting the hallmarks of cancer. American Journal of Cancer Research. Read more

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