Deciphering Immune Response to Viral Infection

This GEN eBook features a collection of articles and studies that focus on efforts to unravel the complexity of viral biology and host immune response, featuring groundbreaking studies and analysis platforms that both inform and expedite the therapeutic discovery and vaccine development process.

Key Topics:

  • Spying on the Viral Enemy with Live-Cell Imaging and Advanced Flow Cytometry
  • Study Shows How Mild Coronavirus Infection is Beaten by Immune Response.
  • Dengue Shock Investigation Clears CD4 T Cells of Wrongdoing
  • Blood Clotting Patterns in Lungs of COVID-19 Patients May Help Explain Apparent Differences in Mortality
  • Immunotherapy Targets Emerging Infectious Diseases
  • Zika Biomarkers Could Lead to Prenatal Diagnostic

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eBook: Deciphering Immune Response to Viral Infection

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