Additional hardware, software and customer support options to help unlock the power of the IncuCyte® live-cell analysis system.

IncuCyte® ZOOM Plate Marking Tool (Cat No 4534)

Pen tool accessory for IncuCyte® ZOOM to enable plate marking

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IncuCyte® Cell Migration Kit (Cat No 4493)

Comprises everything you need to run fully kinetic and automated 96-well cell migration (scratch wound) assays on IncuCyte: 96-pin woundmaking tool (WoundMaker™), Cell Migration analysis software module (Cat No 9600-0012) and starter batch of 96-well ImageLock Plates

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IncuCyte® Cell Invasion Accessories (Cat No 4444)

Purchased in addition to the IncuCyte® Cell Migration Kit. Enables cell invasion experiments with 3D biomatrices such as Matrigel and Collagen.

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Incucyte® Extended Warranty & Software Updates

Incucyte® Extended Service Warranty Includes 1 year coverage of all Parts, Labor and base software updates (excluding new modules)

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IncuStore (Cat No 4535)

Expansion data storage for IncuCyte® ZOOM. The RAID array unit plugs directly into your existing IncuCyte® controller and expands total storage to 30TB.

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IncuCyte® ZOOM 10X Objective (Cat No 4464)

10x Microscope Objective for IncuCyte® ZOOM

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IncuCyte® ZOOM 20X Objective (Cat No 4465)

20x Microscope Objective for IncuCyte® ZOOM. Required for high spatial resolution cell imaging

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IncuCyte® ZOOM 4X Objective (Cat No 4466)

4x Microscope Objective for IncuCyte® ZOOM. Required for wide area whole well viewing

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IncuCyte® IOQ

The IncuCyte® Live-Cell Analysis System Installation/Operation Qualification (IOQ) provides formal documented evidence that the specified IncuCyte system has been installed and operates per the manufacturer’s requirements

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Peripette™ (Cat Nos 4351 & 4352)

Sterile, non-pyrogenic, peristaltic pipettes for use with Essen Pipeline Dispenser

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