IncuCyte® Extended Warranty & Software Updates

IncuCyte® Extended Service Warranty Includes all Parts and Labor, and base software upgrades (excluding new modules), 1 year coverage.

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All new IncuCyte® live-cell analysis systems are provided as standard with a 12 month comprehensive warranty. This cover can be extended at any time by choosing our 12-month Extended Service Warranty product. The warranty product can also be applied to IncuCyte, HD and FLR systems. Our global support team are on standby to provide timely and expert customer support. This includes remote diagnostics and troubleshooting and where necessary preventative maintenance and parts replacement actions. Assuming correct use, all labor and parts costs are included. Warranties can be purchased either with or without base software upgrades, which allows customers access to our new system features and developments. For further details please contact us.

Incucyte® Live Cell Analysis System

Gain insights into biological processes of cells in real time via non-perturbing quantitative analysis

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IncuCyte® IOQ

The IncuCyte® Live-Cell Analysis System Installation/Operation Qualification (IOQ) provides formal documented evidence that the specified IncuCyte system has been installed and operates per the manufacturer’s requirements

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IncuCyte® IncuStore S

Ideal if you use your IncuCyte intensively as it keeps data on-line and at your fingertips for longer. The RAID 6 configuration of 8 x 6TB hard disks protects all data.

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IncuCyte S3 Software

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