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We are proud that Sartorius is recognized as one of the world’s leading suppliers of laboratory equipment. However, we are aware that supplying world-leading laboratory equipment is only part of our mandate. Your Incucyte® Live-Cell Analysis System is continuously powered on, and operates in a challenging incubator environment. Therefore we also provide comprehensive service options to maintain the longevity of each system.

Remote Support

Serving a global network of customers, we're on hand to provide technical support, remotely. Launch our remote access Teamviewer software to get in touch. 

Additional Training

Sartorius provides basic instrument training as part of all new Incucyte® Live-Cell Analysis System installations. Should further training be required, when you are planning new experiments, or for new members of your team, highly skilled technicians/trainers may be able to help using either virtual or on-site training. For more information on this program, please contact your regional sales representative or complete the form below.

Preventative Maintenance

As a supplement to our service contracts, we offer a preventative maintenance (PM) program. which are one-day on-site visits scheduled in advance at your convenience. Costs are quoted to include travel and any small parts which are replaced. To schedule a purchased visit or request a PM quote, please contact us using the details listed above, or complete the form below.

On-Site Sterilization Service

Convenient, fast, effective Incucyte® Live-Cell Analysis System sterilization service at the point of use with minimal downtime.

Our portable sterilization service allows you to sterilize both your incubator and your Incucyte® at the same time. The total down time is less than 24 hours and your Incucyte® also receives a comprehensive preventative maintenance check.

Our sterilization method utilizes low temperature Hydrogen Peroxide vapor which is readily tolerated by the Incucyte® and by most incubators. We also employ a biological indicator that is placed inside the Incucyte® to validate that the sterilization process was successful.

For more information, please contact us using the details listed above, or complete the form below.

Incucyte® IQ/OQ

As a component of a comprehensive quality assurance program, you may wish to have your new Incucyte® equipment validated using our Installation Qualification/Operation Qualification (IQ/OQ) program.

The purpose of this process is to provide documentary evidence that the specified Incucyte® has been installed and operates per the manufacturer’s requirements. Our IQ/OQ process excludes Performance Qualification based upon your specific processes.

Installation Qualification (IQ) verifies that your instrument (as well as its sub-systems and any ancillary systems) have been installed and configured according to our specifications and our installation checklist.

Operational Qualification (OQ) provides a detailed review of Incucyte® hardware and software startup, operation, maintenance, cleaning and safety procedures. Every component of Incucyte® hardware and software are documented to be operating within the specified limits.

For more information, please contact us using the details listed above, or complete the form below.


Ensure rapid response from our global support team in the event of any issue. Our all-in-one warranty covers costs including remote diagnostics and troubleshooting, all travel costs, base software upgrades (excluding new modules), on-site labor and any required spare parts for preventative maintenance and/or break/fix service.

Get the protection you need for your Incucyte® by purchasing an additional 1, 2 or 3 years, all-in-one warranty. There are discounts for longer plans. A multi-instrument discount is also available for customers with multiple systems at a single site, when they are placed together within a single contract.

To check the current coverage on your instrument or request a service contract quote, please complete the form below.


Q1: What is the Incucyte®?

The Incucyte® is two major components, one is the controller which is a Windows 10 computer with specialized hardware and software that controls the second component which is the gantry, the gantry moves around in x/y/z and images cells over time.


Q2: How do I connect?

You will need the appropriate Incucyte® GUI software version. Install the latest, and the software will let you know if you need a different version and include an appropriate link for download.

You will need to enter the IP address or hostname of the Incucyte® to connect. The IP address is found on the Incucyte® Controller touchscreen under “information”, make sure to click the refresh button to see the latest. The hostname can also be used., The instrument host name is by default the instrument serial number#, so this could be “Zoom4xxxx” or “ICxxxxx”, you will find your instrument serial number# on the right side of the controller.


Q3: Can I connect directly from a dedicated lab computer?

Yes, see the standalone guide. 


Q4: Can I use Mac?

No, the software only works with Windows 10 64-bit.


Q5: Can I use a VPN?

Yes, so long as your VPN connects you to the network where the Incucyte® resides, you can also connect to the Incucyte®. Note that there are usually performance issues with using a VPN due to speeds/location and this can cause errors in the software if bandwidth/speed is reduced while running the VPN.


Q6: Can I save my data before deleting it?

Yes, however you need to archive the data first. Archiving is done manually through the GUI software, recommend every month, no more than 100GB at a time. You can read more about archiving in the user manual: While connected to the GUI software, go to the top of the interface and click Help->User Manual. After you have archived a scan you can safely delete it by visiting Administer->Delete.


Q7: The system shows device error, what to do?

Collect the instrument the logs and send them to our Support Team at:

For Zooms, visit Administer->Logs->Export in the GUI.

For SX5/S3/SX1, visit Device->Support->Export All.


Q8: The system is beeping.

Collect the instrument logs and send them to our Support Team at

To silence the alarm, on the Incucyte® Controller, visit Utilities>Down Arrow>RAID>Silence Alarm>Go> Yes.


Q9: My images include a portion of the edge of my wells.  What do I do?


Try a motion calibration in that position

Follow the instructions in the User Manual.  Simply click [Run] for whichever calibration you wish to perform, and it runs based upon the objective listed under “Device status” at the bottom left of the interface.


SX5/S3/SX1 Motion Calibration: S3 Motion Calibration:

Connect to the device from the GUI and visit Device>Calibration Tests>Spatial->Check>Confirm Test and select the position you wish to calibrate. Click Yes once the Calibration Tray and Calibration Slide are loaded into the appropriate position.


Q10: User management levels:

The Incucyte® Software provides four levels of user access: Admin, Standard, Limited, and Guest. The Admin account has full control of the system, whereas the Guest account (ver. 2020C and later) is a strictly Read-Only account. We recommend at least one Admin account per Incucyte® and that regular users are given Standard access.

A comprehensive list of user permissions within the Incucyte® Software is available in the Incucyte® Live-Cell Analysis Software User Manual.


Q11: Which objectives can be used in my Incucyte®?

4x | NA 0.2, 10x | NA 0.3, 20x | NA 0.45


Q12: Can focus position be set manually?

No, focusing is handled automatically.


Q13: Can the Zoom be updated beyond Windows 7?

No, updating the Zoom system beyond Windows 7 will render it inoperable.


Q14: Can the SX1/S3/SX5 be updated past Windows 10 feature pack 1607?

We do allow windows updates to be installed on the controller; However, it will not be possible to update past feature pack 1607. The LTSB version supports installing security updates only.

We chose LTSB Version 1607 because we were able to validate it with the knowledge that Microsoft would not introduce new features on a regular basis.


Q15: Which Excitation/Emission wavelengths are used for each channel?

The phase imaging and fluorescence excitation/emission wavelengths for each of the Incucyte® models are available from your local Sales Representative or Applications Specialist.  Please contact your local representative for this information.


Q16: Which morphological metrics are available for analysis in the Incucyte® software?

The list of morphological metrics available within your Incucyte® software are dependent upon the software modules which have been purchased and installed.  Please contact your local Sales Representative or Applications Specialist for this information.


Q17: What are the limitations on incubators which can be used with my Incucyte®?


The most important considerations when choosing an incubator are the following physical parameters:

200 liter displacement

49 cm deep

The ability to maintain a stable environment, with 90% minimum Relative Humidity and 37 °C while in operation.


Q18: Is there an FDA category for the Incucyte®?

No. The Incucyte® is a research device and is not intended to be used as a Medical Device. 


Q19: What are the imaging specifications when acquiring data on my Incucyte®?


Imaging Specifications:



      Image Resolution:  0.62 microns/pixel

      Image Size:  1408 x 1040 pixels

      Field of View:  0.88 x 0.65 mm



      Image Resolution:  1.24 microns/pixel

      Image Size:  1408 x 1040 pixels

      Field of View:  1.75 x 1.29 mm



      Image Resolution:  2.82 microns/pixel

      Image Size:  1536 x 1152 pixels

      Field of View:  4.34 x 3.25 mm

 Incucyte Servicing FAQ 19


Q20: I am having difficulty with my samples evaporating during long-term imaging.  What can I do to minimize this issue?

There are a few things you can try:

  • Change the media. We don’t recommend leaving an open vessel in the Incucyte® without a media change for more than a few days.
  • Check the temperature on the status tab in the Incucyte® software. It should be 37°C. If the temperature is too high, you may need to turn the temperature control of your incubator down to 36.5°C since the Incucyte® does generate  heat during scans.
  • Check the humidity in your incubator. We try to maintain Relative Humidity in the incubator at 95% RH (non-condensing).
  • Fill the wells on the perimeter of a microplate tray with media only.
  • Try sealing the plate with a breathable film.


Q21: The system is working but the touchscreen is blank, what to do?

Please power the system off completely via a shutdown through the front panel or GUI software: Device->Administer->Shutdown. After the system completely shuts down, you can open the front panel by pressing the side button and then press the top left black square power button to turn it back on, it should take 3-5 minutes to boot.

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