Software modules for IncuCyte® Live-Cell Analysis System that enable powerful phenotypic cellular analysis

IncuCyte® Chemotaxis Software (Cat No 9600-0015)

An add-on software module for the IncuCyte ® Live-Cell Analysis System. Analyze label-free and fluorescently-labelled chemotactic cell migration images acquired using the ClearView Cell Migration Plate.

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IncuCyte® NeuroTrack Software Module (Cat No 9600-0010)

IncuCyte® software module to enable measurement of neurite dynamics

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IncuCyte S3 Software

IncuCyte S3 software makes the process of acquiring, viewing, analyzing and sharing images of living cells easier than ever before

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IncuCyte® Scratch Wound Cell Migration Software Module (Cat No 9600-0012)

IncuCyte® software module to enable measurement of cell migration and/or invasion in scratch wound assays

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IncuCyte® Angiogenesis Software Module (Cat No 9600-0011)

IncuCyte® software module for measuring vascular tube dynamics

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IncuCyte Spheroid Software Module (Cat No 9600-0019)

Analyze growth and shrinkage of single spheroids with or without fluorescent label in 96 or 384-well format. Designed to work with round-bottom ULA plates for optimal spheroid formation. Automatically capture and analyze brightfield and fluorescent images to generate metrics such as area or total integrated fluorescence intensity.

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