Essen BioScience Launches the IncuCyte® S3 Live-Cell Analysis Platform
2 Apr 2017

Essen BioScience has launched the IncuCyte® S3 live-cell analysis platform for real-time, automated measurements of cell health, proliferation, movement and function directly inside a standard incubator.

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Real-time live-cell analysis pioneer and leader Essen BioScience to be acquired by Sartorius
3 Mar 2017
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Press Release: IncuCyte Publication References Surpass 1,000
10 Jan 2017

Publications Describing use of IncuCyte® Live-Cell Analysis from Essen BioScience Surpass 1000

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IncuCyte™ e-Newsletter Summer 2015
31 Jul 2015
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5th IncuCyte™ User Group Meeting
28 Jan 2015

We are pleased to announce the full speaker line up for the 5th IncuCyte™ User Group Meeting to be held at the Biopark, Welwyn Garden City UK on March 11th 2015 (January 2015).

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Essen BioScience rewards innovation from young scientists in Finland
30 Nov 2014

Essen BioScience rewards innovative young scientists in Finland

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Essen BioScience Appoints Brett Williams as President and CEO
8 Oct 2014

Essen BioScience Appoints Brett Williams as President and CEO (October 2014)

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New product announcement: NeuroPrime Cell Kit
15 Sep 2014

The world's first commercially available cryopreserved neuronal/astrocyte co-culture kit designed for long term, fully kinetic live-cell measurement of neurite dynamics. Available November 2014 (September 2014)

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UK Secretary of State for Health, Jeremy Hunt, visits Essen BioScience
7 Jul 2014

UK Secretary of State for Health visits Essen BioScience to roll out £200 million regional investment initiative (July 2014)

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Essen Releases New Software
27 Jun 2014

A little bit of text about the 2014A release

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