Essen BioScience Launches the IncuCyte® S3 Live-Cell Analysis Platform

  • Enables real-time measurements of cell health, proliferation, movement and function while cells remain unperturbed in a physiologically relevant environment
  • Automates data capture and cell assessment around-the-clock, inside the incubator
  • Offers a simple yet powerful workflow that supports an entire research team

Ann Arbor, Michigan, April 3, 2017 —

Essen BioScience, a pioneer and leader in the field of cell-based assays and instrumentation used for drug discovery and basic research, has launched the IncuCyte® S3 live-cell analysis platform for real-time, automated measurements of cell health, proliferation, movement and function directly inside a standard incubator. 

In sharp contrast to manual monitoring and analysis, real-time live-cell analysis using the IncuCyte S3 automates data capture and cell assessment delivering new insights and understanding into biological processes.  Cells can be continuously monitored and data collected around-the-clock and at precise, regularly scheduled sampling intervals for days, weeks, or months, while remaining unperturbed in a physiologically relevant environment.  

S3_Gantry_front_plate_vials_RGBThe IncuCyte S3 platform includes instrumentation, reagents, consumables and analytical software to perform kinetic, image-based measurements. These measurements provide more physiologically relevant data and deeper, more meaningful insights into active biological processes and cellular function than what is achievable with conventional endpoint assays. The IncuCyte® system and reagents are non-perturbing to cell health and morphology, further reducing potential artifacts in user experiments, and combining information-rich, image-based analysis with the convenience and throughput of microplate assays

The S3 offers a completely redesigned user interface, enabling even first-time users to set up an experiment within minutes and then walk away as the IncuCyte automatically collects and analyzes images. In addition to improving productivity for individual users, the S3 accommodates multiple users and applications seamlessly, allowing multiple users to run different applications in parallel. Furthermore, data is accessible remotely to any user via unlimited, free networked licenses.

“The IncuCyte S3 platform represents a transformative approach to live-cell analysis, enabling researchers to conceive of and execute experiments that were not previously thought possible and answer new types of questions,” said Brett Williams, President and CEO, Essen BioScience. “We initially launched this ground-breaking platform in 2006 and the impact is obvious. We are gratified to see our approach to live-cell analysis cited in more than 1000 peer-reviewed publications for applications across many research and therapeutic areas including immuno-oncology, immunology, neuroscience and stem cell biology.” 

Multiple T-flasks or up to six 96 or 384 well microtiter plates fit within the IncuCyte S3 system, increasing productivity and allowing different applications and assays to be run simultaneously.  More than 4,000 images can be collected per hour, converting traditional endpoint assays to a kinetic format for studying movement, migration, apoptosis and other cell behaviors.  Images from a 96-well experiment can be viewed simultaneously, then converted into movies, metrics, and graphs that are publication- and presentation-ready with just a few clicks.

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About Essen BioScience

Essen BioScience, a Sartorius company, develops and manufactures instruments, software, reagents and consumables which enable researchers to remotely visualize and quantitate a wide variety of cellular processes over time, within the incubator environment. The IncuCyte® System, is a real-time quantitative live-cell analysis platform that enables visualization and quantification of cell behavior over time by automatically gathering and analyzing images around the clock within a standard laboratory incubator. The system allows researchers to make time-lapsed fully kinetic measurements from living cells over days and weeks thus providing insight into active biological processes in real time.For more information, visit

About Sartorius

The Sartorius Group is a leading international pharmaceutical and laboratory equipment provider with two divisions: Bioprocess Solutions and Lab Products & Services. Bioprocess Solutions with its broad product portfolio focusing on single-use solutions helps customers produce biotech medications and vaccines safely and efficiently. Lab Products & Services, with its premium laboratory instruments, consumables and services, concentrates on serving the needs of laboratories performing research and quality assurance at pharma and biopharma companies and on those of academic research institutes. Founded in 1870, the company earned sales revenue of more than 1.3 billion euros in 2016. Around 7,000 people work for the Group, which has its own manufacturing and sales sites in around 110 countries.

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