Elrig Drug Discovery 2017
3 Oct 2017

Drug Discovery is ELRIG’s flagship event. Now in its 11th year, we return to ACC in Liverpool to bring together the leading lights in drug discovery research across pharma, biotech, academia and the vendor community.

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Japanese Cancer Association 2017
28 Sep 2017

The 76th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Cancer Association

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11 Sep 2017

The conference is an international event that brings together researchers, investors, & policy makers from industry, academia, and not-for-profit institutions. Each year, representatives from more than 45 countries participate in advancing our current understanding and applying knowledge to progress the life sciences fields.

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Japan Neuroscience Society 2017
20 Jul 2017

The 40th Annual Meeting of the Japan Neuroscience Society

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ISSCR – International Society for Stem Cell Research
14 Jun 2017

The ISSCR celebrates its 15th year at the 2017 annual meeting in Boston. With evolving technologies and emerging areas of stem cell discovery, stem cell scientists are realizing exciting new opportunities for scientific advance. Share your work with the global stem cell community and leaders in the field at ISSCR 2017.

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16 May 2017

LABVOLUTION 2017 provides an holistic experience of the entire laboratory landscape, including research, applications, the chemicals industry, life sciences and biotechnology and everything else in between.

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AAI 2017 - Immunology 2017
12 May 2017

Great science awaits you at this, the largest annual gathering of immunologists worldwide. At IMMUNOLOGY 2017™, you’ll hear from global leaders in immunology and talented early-career investigators alike—all discussing breakthroughs across the full spectrum of topics in the field.

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AACR 2017 - American Association for Cancer Research
1 Apr 2017

The 2017 AACR Annual Meeting highlights the best cancer science and medicine from institutions all over the world. Attendees are invited to stretch their boundaries, form collaborations, attend sessions outside their own areas of expertise, and learn how to apply exciting new concepts, tools, and techniques to their own research.

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Webinar: Real-time Live-Cell Analysis for Immunologists
28 Mar 2017

The most common in vitro methods for immunologists to analyze cells of the immune system are flow cytometry, PCR and various forms of ELISA. Together, these enable quantification of different cell populations at the molecular and functional level (‘immuno-phenotyping’) and measurement of immune responses, for example, cytokine release. While these platforms are extremely powerful, they provide little insight into morphology and the spatial interactions of cells. Moreover, as ‘end-point’ measures, they are not well suited to report on the dynamic changes in biology over time.

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Japanese Pharmacological Society 2017
15 Mar 2017

The 90th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Pharmacological Society

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