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Cell Migration and Invasion Assays


Cell migration and invasion, or cell motility, play a role in many normal and pathological processes including immune responses, embryonic development, angiogenesis, regeneration, tumor metastasis, and wound healing. 

Choose from two assays depending on your scientific questions:

  • Scratch wound: cell density-dependent migration or invasion in the absence of a chemotactic gradient
  • Chemotaxis: migration or invasion in response to a chemotactic gradient

video scratch wound

Scratch wound assay

video chemotaxis

Chemotaxis assay

IncuCyte® Cell Migration and Invasion System

Watch dynamic biological processes of cell migration and invasion happen in real time! IncuCyte Assays can be used either label-free or using dual color fluorescence to study specific cell populations in co-culture.   

IncuCyte® Scratch Wound and ClearView Chemotaxis assays allow you to continuously monitor and analyze migration and invasion with or without a chemotactic gradient, right inside your incubator.

Scratch wound migration & invasion

Scratch wound migration & invasion

Measure cell movement into wound region without chemotactic gradient. Compatible with adherent cell types.

LEARN MORE about scratch wound


Chemotaxis migration & invasion

Measure cell movement toward chemoattractant. Compatible with adherent and non-adherent cell types.

Learn more about chemotaxis


See it more clearly

  • Visually confirm cell movement, morphology, and cell-cell interactions with images and movies
  • Use with adherent or suspension cells, co-cultures, with labels or label-free
Save time and effort

Save time and effort

  • Simplify experiments with IncuCyte reagents and protocols—spend less time troubleshooting, more time investigating
  • Set up, walk away and receive unbiased, automated analyses
  • Run experiments in six 96-well plates at one time
Ask more questions

Ask more questions

  • Investigate migration versus invasion, with or without a chemotactic gradient
  • Explore all types of movement – from tumor cell invasion to immune cell transendothelial migration
Get the answers you need

Get the answers you need

  • Never miss a data point with real-time continuous analysis
  • Robust, reproducible assay formats suitable for screening and profiling

IncuCyte® Cell Migration and Invasion Assay Selection Guide

IncuCyte® Cell Migration and Invasion Assay Selection Guide

*Extra-cellular matrix

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