Launch of IncuCyte ZOOM®

Essen BioScience Inc., a global provider of life science research tools and services, today announced the launch of its latest live cell imaging platform, IncuCyte ZOOM®. In addition, it is announcing an expanded line of cellular reagents, developed by Essen for use on the platform. The IncuCyte ZOOM is the 2nd generation live-cell imaging platform offered by Essen. The unique aspect of the IncuCyte technology is the fact that the system acquires images automatically from within the user's cell culture incubator. This allows users to acquire biological image data around-the-clock without removing the cells from their physiological environment and bypassing the need for expensive robotics to move cells to a separate imaging station. The combination of attributes has enabled Essen to provide quantitative kinetic biology, a process Essen refers to as Live Content Imaging, at an affordable price. New features on the ZOOM platform include multi-fluorescent colors, support of a broader range of magnifications, enhanced phase contrast processing tools and more speed. The associated reagents enable long-term live-cell imaging by providing a facile labeling strategy which, unlike most traditional organic dye labels, is non-perturbing for long term imaging assays. We are very excited about the release of ZOOM and associated CellPlayer reagents, says Kirk Schroeder, President of Essen BioScience. "The world is continuing to move to more advanced, mixed culture assay models in order to better predict in vivo pharmacology. These new offerings allow users to monitor multiple cell types using non-perturbing labels with the added dimension of time. This technology opens up a whole new dimension for in vitro cell biology." See more.

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