3rd IncuCyte™ UGM

The 3rd IncuCyte™ User group meeting was held in Cambridge, Boston USA on the 27th September 2013. The meeting was attended by 101 delegates with a shared interest in live cell kinetic imaging, comprised of scientists from academia, pharma and biotech/other sectors. The Keynote presentation, titled 'Neurobiology and Therapeutic Discovery using Patient Derived iPS Cells' was given by Ole Isacson, MD Professor of Neurology, Center for Neuroregeneration Research, Harvard Medical School. This meeting also marked the official launch of the new whole well imaging functionality of IncuCyte ZOOM, and a suite of software and hardware tools to facilitate stem cell re-programming and clonal dilution. Presentation content from IncuCyte Users covered areas from novel assay systems to Essen Cell Player assays and cell culture quality control (QC).

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