ELRIG Research & Innovation 2018

ELRIG Research & Innovation 2018

17 Apr 2018

Booth #4 & 5

Visit Essen BioScience, a Sartorius company at booths #4&5 at ELRIG R&I, Cambridge, UK on 17th and 18th April to learn about the NEW Next-Generation IncuCyte® S3 Live-Cell Analysis System and the latest trends and applications in live-cell analysis.

Change can happen in an instant. Find out how the IncuCyte® S3 System, reagents and consumables make it easier than ever to visualize cell behavior and quantify cell function in real time. Derive deeper and more physiologically relevant information about your cells, plus real-time kinetic data, without ever removing your cells from the incubator. 

At the show, visit our poster presentation to learn about multi-spheroid 3D tumor assays using real-time live-cell analysis.



Development and optimization of matrigel-based multi-spheroid 3D tumour assays using real-time live-cell analysis

Presenter: Miniver Oliver, Research Biologist
Session date and time: Tuesday, April 17th 2:05PM
Location: The Boulind Suite 
Authors: K. Patel, M. Oliver, G. Lovell, N. Holtz, T. Jackson, N. Dana, T. Dale, D. Trezise

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