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Bi-specific TCR-anti CD3 redirected T-cell targeting of NY-ESO-1- and LAGE-1-positive tumors
McCormack E, Adams KJ, Hassan NJ, Kotian A, Lissin NM, Sami M, et al
Cancer Immunol Immunother, 62(4):773–85, 2013

A novel bi-specific T cell engaging protein was used to direct T cells to kill antigen expressing tumour cells. IncuCyte® was used to selectively quantify the kinetics of T cell mediated cancer cell apoptosis.

Case Report of a Fatal Serious Adverse Event Upon Administration of T Cells Transduced With a MART-1-specific T-cell Receptor
van den Berg, JH, Gomez-Eerland, R, van de Wiel, B, Hulshoff, L, van den Broek, D, Bins, A, Tan, HL, Harper, JV, Hassan, NJ, Jakobsen, BK, Jorritsma, A, Blank, CU, Schumacher, TN, Haanen, JB, 
Mol. Ther, 23(9):1541-50, 2015

Researchers from The Netherlands Cancer Institute and Immunocore used IncuCyte® to analyze off-target activity of TCR-modified T-cells in hIPSC-derived cardiomyoctes.

The HDAC Inhibitors Scriptaid and LBH589 Combined with the Oncolytic Virus Delta24-RGD Exert Enhanced Anti-Tumor Efficacy in Patient-Derived Glioblastoma Cells
Berghauser Pont LM, Kleijn A, Kloezeman JJ, van den Bossche W, Kaufmann JK, de Vrij J.
PLoS ONE, 10(5): e0127058, 2015

Enhancing oncolytic therapy: IncuCyte® real-time monitoring of viral replication in patient-derived glioblastoma stem-like cells identify co-treatments that augment viral infection and cause synergistic anti-tumor activity

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