Live-Cell Analysis Virtual event

Dimension of time: From culture to assay

Re-define the workflows and possibilities of cell biology by joining our virtual event!

This event offers an overview of how live-cell analysis enables real-time analysis for the full workflow of the cells. Start at the beginning and learn more about the cell health, growth and morphology of your cells in culture.  From there, gain a better understanding of the efficiency of transfection and how the consistency of cell plating as well pre-treatments can affect your cells during manipulation, all the way to the final kinetic assay itself. You’ll receive in-depth content designed to give you the tools and insights of live-cell analysis to make data driven decisions.

Join our Virtual Event to:

  • Access valuable webinars and poster presentations—by live-cell analysis experts
  • Access a wide selection of resources, such as the handbook, white papers, application notes and lab training video (exclusive!)
  • Connect with our application scientists via chat to get tips and tricks and troubleshooting help
  • Participate in the event’s Live-Cell educational course to earn a Certificate of Completion
  • Receive free Continuing Education (CE) credits for attending the event

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