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If you missed our latest live session, you can now view the “Smart Cell Monitoring & Analysis” webcast recording and presentation slides. Additionally, you now have exclusive access to the “Smart Cell Monitoring” white paper.

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Smart Live-Cell Monitoring & Analysis webinar

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Smart Cell Monitoring: Addressing the new requirements of cellular research with continuous live-cell analysis

Exciting recent developments in continuous live-cell monitoring techniques are now re-defining the ways that we learn from and use cells in the laboratory. These technologies capture valuable, decision making cellular data over time in ways, and at a scale, that was previously impossible. Importantly, the attributes of these solutions are closely aligned with significant changes in the overall landscape of cellular research...

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The IncuCyte® ZOOM System is an integrated live-cell imaging and analysis platform that enables real-time quantification of cell behavior within the stable environment of your incubator, eliminating the limitations of typical end point analysis. See what your peers are saying about the IncuCyte® ZOOM System.

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