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Article Interview Lindy O'Clair

Interview: Automating Data Capture and Image Analysis in Continuous Experiments

An interview with Lindy O’Clair at the Society for Neuroscience Annual Conference in 2018, discussing the challenges that scientists face when analyzing neuronal systems over time, and how Sartorius are working to address these challenges through new technologies.

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article interview

Interview: Investigating new cancer therapy candidates with live-cell imaging

Please give an overview of your research into cancer and the mechanisms that you and your research team are looking to target with novel therapy candidates — There are two main things that we've worked on in the lab as regards to drug studies. One is identifying new combinations of drugs, and working on why a combination of drugs should work better than each alone...

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Article Epigenetic Regulation

Editorial Article: Cancer Biologists Investigate Epigenetic Regulation of Pancreatic Cancer Cells using Live Cell Imaging

Cancer epigeneticist, Dr. Sammy Ferri-Borgogno, of the MD Anderson Cancer Center, Texas, explains how live cell imaging reveals more information about pancreatic cancer cells while saving time and money.

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article ispcs

Editorial Article: iPSCs Help Decipher the Debilitating Side-Effects of Chemotherapy

Dr. Eileen Dolan explains how she studies genetic variants that can predispose a patient to experience neuropathy after chemotherapy treatment

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Article Androgen-Deprivation Therapy

Editorial Article: Continuous Live Imaging Reveals Why Some Prostate Cancer Cells Resist Androgen-Deprivation Therapy

Cancer biologist, Fiorella Magani, shares her studies on the metastasis and behavior of castration-resistant prostate cancer cells in this SelectScience interview

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Article Thumbnail Hirotaka Hoshi

Interview: Supporting Anti-Cancer Drug Development with Cultured Tumor Cells that Maintain Cancer Traits

Interview with Hirotaka Hoshi — The Translational Research (TR) Center of the Fukushima Global Medical Science Center was established at Fukushima Medical University in 2012, the year following the Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011, as part of the Fukushima Reconstruction Project. Its aim is to support research and development into new pharmaceuticals for both treatment and diagnostics for diseases, with a particular focus on cancer.

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Article Thumbnail Genichiro Ishii

Interview: Seeking New Treatment Methods by Analyzing the Fate of Single Cancer Stem Cells

Interview with Genichiro Ishii — While "cancer cells" are often referred to, there is no identical cell, rather each individual cell differs, thus cancer cells are an extremely heterogeneous cell group. Professor Ishii is seeking new treatment methods by analyzing the fate of single cancer stem cells.

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article chemotaxis

Kinetic, Automated, Image-based Measurement of Chemotaxis

hemotactic migration and invasion play an essential role in many normal and pathological processes including immune response, cell differentiation and tumor metastasis. Methods to study factors that regulate the directional migration of cells typically employ modifications of Boyden chamber assays. Boyden chamber assays consist of an upper and lower chamber separated by a porous filter, allowing for the diffusion of a chemotactic agent.

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Interview: Molecule Orientated Discovery — Driving Wound Recovery

People get wounds for various reasons. In addition to injury from falls and burns, wounds to organs such as ulcers of the digestive tract are common. However, many mysteries still remain in the wound recovery process. Steady progress is being made by research into pharmaceuticals that promote recovery...

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cell culture

The Effects of Temperature and Atmospheric Perturbation During Cell Culture: The Silent Variables

The environmental confines of a laboratory incubator provide a controlled temperature and level of atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2), in an attempt to replicate the cells’ native conditions; for mammalian cell culture, this mimics a cell’s environs in the host’s body – no small feat! This includes an aseptic environment with a specific atmospheric mix, maintained within a tightly controlled temperature and humidity range...

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immuno-oncology article

In Vitro Assays for Immuno-Oncology Research

In the search for precision cancer treatments, researchers are developing new techniques and technologies that harness the body's natural defenses to target and eradicate cancer cells. The transformative research leading to these new methods are thanks to dedicated immuno-oncology scientists who are interrogating the subtle and, oftentimes, hidden interactions between cancer and the host’s immune system...

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