EACR 2018 Goodbye Flat Biology

EACR 2018 Goodbye Flat Biology

9 Sep 2018

EACR Goodbye Flat Biology

Visit Sartorius at Goodbye Flat Cell Biology to learn how the IncuCyte® S3 Cell Live-Analysis System and IncuCute 3D Spheroid Assays offer an integrated turnkey solution to automatically monitor and quantify tumor spheroid formation, growth and health in real time inside your tissue culture incubator.

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At the show, please visit our poster presentation to learn about our latest development of a novel, simple and robust 3D extracellular matrix-based workflow for culturing tumour multi-spheroids with either stromal or immune cells. Our 3D tumour assay, based on the IncuCyte system, provides the ability to kinetically visualize and quantify immune cell-mediated toxicity within tumour multi-spheroids as well as assess the impact of stromal cells on tumour resistance to chemotherapeutic agents. 


Development of multi-spheroid co-culture 3D tumour assays using real-time live-cell analysis 

Presenter: Kalpana Patel, Principal Scientist
Poster board number: 68
Poster Defence Session 2: 13:15 - 14:45, Tuesday, 11 September

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