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Video: IncuCyte® Spheroid Analysis Software Module

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Video Series: IncuCyte® Assay software

The IncuCyte® Live-Cell Analysis System and IncuCyte® Spheroid Analysis Software Module, provide a robust solution for analyzing the metastatic potential of solid tumors. With integrated, label-free analysis, single spheroid invasive capabilities can be easily quantified undisturbed, for days or weeks, delivering physiologically relevant pharmacological information.

This powerful purpose-built software, allows for rapid and reproducible analysis of thousands of images, to generate meaningful quantitative data. In this short video learn how simple it is to acquire, view, analyze and share images, of spheroid invasion of living cells.

Watch stress-free, automated live-cell imaging and analysis to:

  • Acquire images in every well of a 96-well plate over time
  • View images at every time point to assess experimental results
  • Identify biological relevant events with intuitive software analysis
  • Generate presentation ready time-lapse graphs, response curve and movies

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