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Our IncuCyte® Live-Cell Analysis Systems have won the SelectScience® Gold Award 2019

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IncuCyte® Live-Cell Analysis Systems have been awarded the prized SelectScience® Seal of Quality Gold award.

The successful Seal of Quality program aims to help scientists across the world, quickly see the top rated peer reviewed products on the market.  Only 0.1% of laboratory products that consistently receive the highest customer review ratings, may be considered for the award.

Since late 2005, when IncuCyte® (the first automated imaging system designed to fit inside a standard cell culture incubator that automatically acquires and analyzes images around the clock, providing biological insights with the aid of real-time kinetic data) was launched, a huge difference has been made in cell biology research workflows worldwide.

Our user reviews in addition to IncuCyte® being featured in thousands of published research articles, is testament to its contribution in the fields of oncology, immuno-oncology, immunology, neuroscience, cell therapy and beyond.

Live-Cell Analysis has revolutionized numerous studies, with a wide selection of applications namely 3D Tumour Spheroid Assays, Spheroid Invasion, Cell-by-cell analysis, 3D immune cell killing, apoptosis, cytotoxicity, antibody internalization, immunocytochemistry amongst many others.

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Here’s a snapshot of a few of our recently published IncuCyte® user reviews:

Very easy to use and fully automated ( Patrick Chang, Genentech)
"It's very easy to use with intuitive user interface. can just put the cell plate into the IncuCyte, set up the schedule with my specific setting, and just leave it running. As long as the incubator in which the IncuCyte sits works, the live cell imaging can keep on going. The onboard analysis is pretty nice too. it has many options to plot the results easily, and the quality is presentation ready. can also export movies or the analyzed data out for further process."


Great system for gaining better insight into cellular mechanics (Anika Williams, Abbvie)
“The IncuCyte ZOOM with migration assay module is a great set-up for running reproducible, high-throughput migration assays. The software analysis was a little non-user friendly to figure out at the beginning, but there is a lot of functionality in setting up and analyzing the cell migration. Live-cell imaging gives more insights into cellular activity than just the numbers alone, so this tool is a great addition to our disease modeling systems”.


Simple to use with great imaging analysis outputs (Peter March, University of Manchester)
"If you think it's just a microscope then you might say it's nothing special. However, most microscope systems give you 96 well movies that you have to then analyse to get the live cell data graphs. The Incucyte is a high content live-cell screening machine that gives you 96 well kinetic graphs at the end of the experiment, that also has the movies for you to watch back if you want to. It's about approaching the imaging experiment from what you want to measure and using the best tools to get there”.


The IncuCyte S3 is like the Ferrari of all Live-Cell analysis systems. Love it! (Parima Udompholkul, University of California, Riverside)
“I love the IncuCyte S3. I can monitor my experiments in real time. I also do not need to take the plates out at different time points for imaging/reading and while the IncuCyte is running, I can do other experiments. If I have questions, whether it's regarding protocols or analysis, a field application scientist from Sartorius will get back to me relatively quickly”.


Solid piece of kit. A reliable workhorse for live cell imaging (Matt Gordon, Queens University Biomedical Imaging Centre)
“We bought this system for our core facility a couple of years ago. We have it mounted in an incubator in our cell culture room and it is usually full. The ease of use, ability to track images from any computer, ability to generate a lot of data in a relatively small amount of time, and ability to analyze in many different modes has quickly secured its position as a user friendly workhorse of an instrument”.

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