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Expert view: New developments in real‑time live‑cell analysis


Live-cell analysis is now a well-established method that is part of the everyday cell biologist’s armoury for understanding cell biology. For over a decade, the functionality, throughput, and ease of use offered by real-time live-cell analysis has provided a platform for accurate and reproducible cell biology analysis in multiple biomedical research areas, including oncology, immuno-oncology, immunology and now neuroscience.

With ever‑expanding datasets, real‑time live‑cell analysis is evolving to remain a tool that researchers need in order to create physiologically relevant cellular models.

More advanced cell models place a higher demand or expectation on the analytical technique. In oncology and immuno‑oncology, for instance, 3D cell culture models represent a more relevant biological model. With the right combination of culture plate and, if required, extracellular matrix material, real‑time live‑cell analysis platforms can support advanced 3D spheroid cell culture models to allow...

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The use of Real-time Live-Cell Analysis is redefining the possibilities and workflows of cell biology. The combination of ease of use, throughput, and non-invasive measurement enables researchers to monitor and measure cell behaviors at a scale and in ways that were previously not possible.

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