IncuCyte ZOOM®

Live Cell Imaging in Your Incubator

IncuCyte ZOOM®

Live Cell Imaging in Your Incubator

Cell biology is fascinating and complex in equal measure

IncuCyte ZOOM® enables observation and quantification of cell behavior over time by automatically gathering and analyzing images around the clock.

All within the controlled environment of a standard cell incubator. Whether it be for simple cell proliferation assays or more advanced stem cell differentiation biology, our live-cell, non-perturbing imaging approach yields kinetic data and insight far beyond that achievable with conventional end-point or non-image based approaches. Combine IncuCyte ZOOM® with our CellPlayer live cell imaging assay reagents and protocols for integrated, turnkey solutions to advanced kinetic cell based assays.

IncuCyte ZOOM® Live Cell Imaging

IncuCyte ZOOM® consists of a microscope gantry that resides in the cell incubator, and a networked external controller hard drive that gathers and processes image data. Different microscope objectives (4x, 10x, 20x) can be housed within each system and readily interchanged by the user. Each IncuCyte ZOOM® houses multiple T-flasks or microtiter plates (up to 6) and can acquire >2000 images per hour.

Multiple Imaging Modes

IncuCyte ZOOM® supports HD phase-contrast, green fluorescence and red fluorescence automated imaging modes. Our proprietary High Definition (HD) Phase Contrast imaging format is insensitive to optical aberrations caused by the fluid meniscus, even in 96- and 384-well plates. In Whole Well Imaging mode, entire wells all the way to the edge can be imaged even in large area formats such as 35 mm dishes.

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Simple Remote Viewing & Analysis

IncuCyte ZOOM® is controlled from the office or home by intuitive, simple to use desktop software. Customizable and trained phase-contrast and multi-color image processing metrics are available allowing for real time analysis and data visualization on the fly. Creating image and movie files for export is a cinche. The IncuCyte ZOOM® also has a powerful embedded database architecture making it simple for users to search and retrieve experimental data.

Plates, Dishes & Flasks

We realise how important your choice of cell culture vessels is. IncuCyte ZOOM® supports over 300 different standard plates (including 96- and 384-well), T-flasks, dishes and microslides. With three configurable trays, you can mix and match multiple vessels and even monitor different experiments running concurrently.

See our list of compatible vessels

Other key features

Speed in Mind

IncuCyte ZOOM® has 12 total core processors allowing for fast image processing and data analysis

Data Protection & Storage

IncuCyte ZOOM® ships with 9TB of RAID hard drive data storage, which can be further extended with the IncuStore and Archive Drive products

LCD Control Panel

Users can monitor and perform basic status checks and operations from the front panel of the IncuCyte ZOOM® controller unit

Advanced System Monitoring

IncuCyte ZOOM® features an integrated humidity sensor, accelerometer to detect unacceptable vibration and monitoring systems for fan speed and internal temperature

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IncuCyte ZOOM® live cell imaging is used for kinetic cell monitoring and surveillance, cell health and viability and a wide range of phenotypic cell-based assays. With a rapidly growing collection of over 350 peer reviewed articles, providing an exhaustive list of applications and validated cell types is not practical.

The most common?

Label-free confluence-based measures of cell growth, cell migration assays, and kinetic apoptosis assays using our Caspase3/7 fluorescent probe.

The most advanced?

Probably, some of our co-culture models of angiogenesis or neurite outgrowth.

The latest?

Our suite of whole well imaging tools applied to stem cell reprogramming and clonal dilution protocols.

See our list of Applications

Why live-cell kinetic imaging?

Couple the power of time-lapse video microscopy with the quantitation and throughput of micro-titre plate based assays.

  • Cells are not disturbed by the observation and analysis process

  • Label free assays eliminate processing artifacts of fixing and labelling

  • Repeated measures over time provide powerful insight into the timecourse of biology

  • Provides greater control over critical assay conditions e.g assays can be initiated when a fixed cell confluence is reached

  • Cell monitoring enhances understanding of 'normal' cell behaviours and the ability to recognise different or 'abnormal' (e.g slowing in growth rates, unexpected changes in morphology)

  • Assay outcomes can be authenticated using visual correlates of cell behaviour (e.g. motility, morphology)

  • Assays have enhanced sensitivity & precision borne of repeat measurement

  • Kinetic data enable novel powerful analyses such as rate measurements, time to threshold, and area under curve and more

  • Superior timing of adjunct and parallel studies (e.g. biochemical measures of analyte release, Western blots)

  • Easier and improved ability to dissect the sequence of 'forward' and ‘reverse' biology events e.g. neurite outgrowth and destruction of established networks

The Essen IncuCyte FLR and ZOOM have been transformative for our research institute. The IncuCyte platform allows us to replace end-point assays of cell viability with high-throughput, kinetic assays in which viability (measured as cell confluence) or morphology is measured as a function of time in response to specific perturbations, so that we can rapidly execute both small- and large-scale studies and comprehensively address the questions fundamental to our research.

Alexander Pertsemlidis, Associate Professor at Departments of Pediatrics and Cellular  & Structural Biology, Greehey Children’s Cancer Research Institute, UT Health Science Center at San Antonio

We have been using Essen's IncuCyte technology for the last ten years ranging from their earliest phase contrast reader to the dual fluorescent capable ZOOM. Essen BioScience continues to evolve this product from its first live content incubator based imager through to its full integration into robotic systems.  Real time growth kinetic capture is now an obligate tool for characterizing cell lines for use in drug discovery.

Kevin William Huff at Dept. of Vaccine Process Development - HTPD Automation & Screening, MRL Vaccines Research

CellPlayer™ NeuroPrime™ Cell Kit (Cat No 4585)

The first commercially available cryopreserved neuronal/astrocyte co-culture kit designed for long term, kinetic live cell imaging and measurement of neurite dynamics. Each cell kit contains cryopreserved cell vials of rat forebrain neurons and rat astrocytes, and a vial of the non-perturbing neuronal labeling reagent, NeuroLight Red™. A fully validated protocol for thawing, labeling and measuring neurite outgrowth in a 96-well format using IncuCyte ZOOM® is also included.

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IncuStore (Cat No 4535)

Expansion data storage for IncuCyte ZOOM®. The RAID array unit plugs directly into your existing IncuCyte ZOOM® controller and expands total storage to 30TB.

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IncuCyte ZOOM® Rack System (Cat No 4558)

Rack mounting system specially designed for IncuCyte ZOOM®. A convenient and ultra space-friendly housing to protect and organize your IncuCyte ZOOM® system controllers and peripherals.

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IncuCyte ZOOM® Archive Drive (Cat No 4523)

Archive Drive for IncuCyte ZOOM®. A specially optimized portable hard drive for use with IncuCyte ZOOM® - the fastest way to create, access and share archives between institutions.

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IncuCyte™ Extended Warranty & Software upgrades

IncuCyte™ Extended Service Warranty Includes 1 year coverage of all Parts, Labor and base software upgrades (excluding new modules)

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HUVEC CytoLight™ Green Cells (Cat No 4453)

One cryopreserved vial of human umbilical vein endothelial vein (HUVEC) CytoLight™ Green (cytoplasmic GFP) expressing cells at a density of 1.7x10^5 cells/vial.

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IncuCyte ZOOM® Software (2015A)

New software for the IncuCyte ZOOM® Live-Cell Imaging system. Version 2015A provides enhanced user-friendly control of all aspects of imaging and analysis including powerful and intuitive image processing tools

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