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Immunology Assays


Live-cell assays for immunology research

Maximize your immunological research

Characterization of the role of the immune system in health and disease requires quantitative data from dynamic experimental models of the cells that comprise both the innate and adaptive responses. In order to translate these in vitro methods to clinical response, it is critical to have tools that enable insights into the cellular processes that produce reliable, quantitative data for immunology research.

Maximize your immunological research insights with image-based, real-time analysis of living immune cells using the IncuCyte® Live-Cell Analysis System. Unlike traditional approaches, which are mostly endpoint, invasive and labor intensive; our assays are kinetic, simple and cell sparing. IncuCyte live-cell analysis reveals the dynamic nature of immune cell biological processes as they unfold, expanding your in vitro assay toolkit for immunology research.

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White paper: Real-time live-cell analysis for immunologists

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Understanding immunology functionality with live-cell analysis


B Cells

Understanding B cell adaptive immunity with real-time live-cell analysis

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Understanding macrophage function with real-time live-cell analysis

Discover more: Macrophages



Measuring neutrophil function with real-time live-cell analysis

Gain insight: Neutrophils


T cells

Quantifying dynamic T-cell function with real-time live-cell analysis

Learn more: T cells

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