Capture Protein Expression Changes Over Time in Living Cells

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Learn how live-cell immunocytochemistry offers a much-need temporal element to measuring protein expression in real time.

Immunocytochemistry (ICC) as a basic cell imaging technique has been engrained into every cell biologist’s repertoire. Fluorescently labeled antibodies added onto fixed cells help visualize protein expression in the cells. While traditional ICC yields information on protein localization i.e. where the protein of interest is expressed, a big caveat remains – it is unable to capture protein expression changes over time, the ‘when’ of cellular dynamics.

Along with the spatial resolution offered by conventional ICC, there is a need for temporal resolution that can reveal cellular states and cell-cell interactions, phenomena that cannot be visualized in fixed cells. Offering a way to capture cellular dynamics on live cells, while still keeping the benefits of ICC, Essen BioScience recently launched the IncuCyte® Live-Cell Immunocytochemistry.

Tim Dale, Director of Biology, Europe, at Essen BioScience speaks with SelectScience® to explain how live-cell ICC works, the importance of automated live-cell imaging and how it can improve your experiments...

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