Neuroimmune Interactions in Development, Health, and Disease


It is increasingly appreciated that crosstalk at the nexus of the nervous and immune systems mediates a delicate balance between dysregulation and homeostasis across many important biological processes. In this Cell Press webinar, three speakers will explore emerging developments in our understanding of mediators and mechanisms of neuro-immune interplay.

Our three speakers come from labs which are researching:

  • How the immune system deals with T. gondii
  • An understanding of how dysfunctional neuron-glia interactions contribute to neuropsychiatric diseases
  • How neuron-glia communication facilitates the formation, elimination and plasticity of synapses during both healthy development and disease

During the webinar, viewers will:

  • Hear of interactions between neurons, glial cells and immune signals
  • Glimpse into potential future advances
  • See examples of the presenters’ cell culture research

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Dr. Christopher Hunter
University of Pennsylvania

Dr. Anna Molofsky
University of California, San Francisco

Dr. Beth Stevens
Harvard Medical School

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