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On-Demand Webinar

How to ensure confidence in your advanced cellular models with live-cell monitoring

Researchers are better able to recapitulate the in vivo cell environment within the lab setting now, thanks to new innovations in cell source, manipulation, and assay readout.

Therefore, researchers increasingly need a method for holistic capture of dynamic, sometimes subtle, cellular events.

Live-cell imaging supports your optimization of these advanced cellular models to ensure your confidence in the results; live-cell imaging combines real-time imaging of cellular events with automated quantification, and it allows you to capture the data without the need to remove your samples from the incubator.

This webinar, presented by Nicola Bevan, should help you to:

  • Learn how Incucyte® Live-Cell Monitoring, can provide key quality control information during assay set up
  • Discover the importance of ensuring your cell models are optimal before drug treatments
  • See examples of how this approach have enabled the construction of complex cellular models of disease

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Nicola Bevan
Manager of Cell Imaging Applications

Nicola Bevan is a manager of a Cell Imaging Applications group, working within the European based Bio Analytics research team. She is involved in the research and development of novel kinetic applications for Incucyte® Live-Cell Analysis Systems.

She is a highly experienced cellular pharmacologist with more than 25 years’ experience. Nicola has worked within the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology industries, where she has gained broad experiences from a large pharma (GSK) industrial screening department, and support of early drug discovery programs.

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