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Webinar: Real-time antibody internalization assays using live-cell analysis

Kinetic antibody internalization assays using live-cell analysis

Monoclonal antibodies (mAb) and antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) are widely used biological therapeutics.  A key property of these biologics is the extent and rate of internalization into different cells, which governs their efficacy, safety and pharmaco-dynamic profile. As a result, quantifying and comparing the rate of Ab internalization of drug candidates is critical in the biopharmaceutical selection and optimization process.

In this mini-webinar Nicola Bevan will discuss:

  • How real-time live-cell analysis of antibody internalization can provide additional insight.
  • The use of the IncuCyte FabFluor-pH reagent to provide a turn-key approach to antibody labelling.
  • Examples of how the assay may be used for characterisation of early stage test antibodies and candidates in a biologics discovery paradigm.


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Nicola Bevan

Speaker: Nicola Bevan
Principal Scientist
Essen BioScience

Nicola is currently a Principal Scientist within our UK Biology R&D team based at our European laboratories.  A highly experienced cellular pharmacologist with 22 years’ experience, she has worked within the Pharmaceutical and Biotech industry where she has gained a broad range of skills supporting early drug discovery programmes.  Applying her pharmacological expertise, Nicola supported compound profiling in an industrial screening department (GSK). Nicola joined Essen in 2012 and is utilising her expertise to develop novel applications and biological reagents for drug discovery with a focus on building assays for quantitative live cell analysis using the IncuCyte system. 

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