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IncuCyte Oncology Assays

On-Demand Webinar

Cancer gene therapy efficacy

Addressing cancer gene therapy efficacy by real-time Imaging and Analysis using an Incucyte® Live-Cell Analysis System

Gene therapy recently gained momentum as a promising anticancer strategy. Successful gene therapy relies on, but is not restricted to, delivering the right dose, at the right time, at the right place. Accordingly, addressing gene therapy efficacy and specificity in real-time is pivotal for the success of preclinical programs in this field of research.

With oncolytic viruses, that infect, kill and spread specifically within tumors, antitumoral gene therapy strategies have significantly switched gears. Again, it’s of pristine importance to address the infection rate, but also the dissemination potential of candidate oncolytic viruses.

During this webinar, Pierre Cordelier will discuss the use of IncuCyte® real-time Imaging and Analysis, to track gene expression, following gene transfer in cancer cells, and when using oncolytic viral propagation in live cells.

The key discussion points of this webinar include:

  • Addressing some of the dynamics of gene transfer / infection in gene therapy protocols
  • Illustrations of how real-time Live–Cell Imaging and Analysis can authorize fast-track scientific discovery and decision making
  • How time may be saved by enabling screening of tumor heterogeneity and combinations
  • Stimulation of novel research strategies, such as oncolytic infection modeling

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Dr Pierre Cordelier

Dr Pierre Cordelier, Senior Scientist and Team Leader, INSERM

Dr Pierre Cordelier has been working in gene therapy research since early on his career. Pierre studied for a Ph.D. in Toulouse before moving to Philadelphia for his postdoctoral fellowship at Thomas Jefferson University. He has since spent 14 years at the Toulouse Cancer Research Center, part of INSERM, France’s National Institute of Health and Medical Research, where he fulfils his passion for improving the lives of patients with pancreatic cancer, through gene transfer-based therapies.

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