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Advanced 3D cell models for cancer biology using real time live-cell analysis


Integrated protocols and live-cell analysis solutions for different 3D tumor models

In the search for greater clinical translation, cancer researchers are increasingly turning to more complex live-cell assay systems that recapitulate key aspects of the tumor microenvironment. These include (1) more relevant tissue organization, (2) bio-matrices containing structural proteins and growth factors, and (3) the presence of stromal and immune cells. In this webinar, we describe integrated protocols and live-cell analysis solutions for different 3D tumor models, ranging from simple mono-culture single spheroid assays through to multi-spheroid tumor/fibroblast and tumor/immune cell co-cultures in a Matrigel biomatrix.

Learn how to:

  • Assemble 96-well 3D spheroid assays in both round-bottom ultra-low attachment microplates, and flat plates on a Matrigel base
  • Automatically acquire and analyse images over time, using the new IncuCyte S3 DF Brightfield modality and Spheroid module
  • Quantify tumor growth, morphology and viability, either label-free or with fluorescent cell health markers
  • Study the impact of stromal cells and immune cells on tumor biology in these 3D systems
  • Gain greater biological insight and productivity in your 3D tumor assays

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Kalpana Patel - Multi-spheroid webinar

Presenter: Kalpana Patel
Principal R&D Scientist

Kalpana is currently a Principal Scientists within our UK Biology R&D team based at Essen BioSciences European laboratories. A highly experienced industrial pharmacologist with over 20 years of experience gained from pharmaceutical (GlaxoSmithKline) and contract research (BioFocus and Argenta) laboratories. A track record in applied drug discovery, latterly leading and influencing discovery programme teams. Trained initially as an in vitro pharmacologist, Kalpana went on to focus in the field of G-protein coupled receptor drug discovery and specialise in designing and developing plate-based cellular assays to support automated High Throughput Screening and Compound Profiling activities as well as generating mechanism of action follow-up assays. Kalpana joined Essen in 2011, applying her extensive expertise to leading R&D projects developing cellular assays for quantitative live cell analysis.

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