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Characterization of canine adipose-derived mesenchymal stromal/stem cells in serum-free medium
Liu, Z;Screven, R;Boxer, L;Myers, M;Devireddy, L;
Tissue Eng Part C Methods, Tissue Eng Part C Methods, ():, 2018
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Reciprocal expression of INSM1 and YAP1 defines subgroups in small cell lung cancer.
McColl, K;Wildey, G;Sakre, N;Lipka, MB;Behtaj, M;Kresak, A;Chen, Y;Yang, M;Velcheti, V;Fu, P;Dowlati, A;
Oncotarget, Oncotarget, 8(43):73745-73756, 2018
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Carnitine palmitoyltransferase 1A (CPT1A): a transcriptional target of PAX3-FKHR and mediates PAX3-FKHR-dependent motility in alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma cells
Liu L, Wang Y-D, Wu J, Cui J, Chen T
BMC Cancer, 12, 154, 2012
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Electrophilic fatty acids impair RAD51 function and potentiate the effects of DNA- damaging agents on growth of triple-negative breast cells
Asan, A;Skoko, JJ;Woodcock, CC;Wingert, BM;Woodcock, SR;Normolle, D;Huang, Y;Stark, JM;Camacho, CJ;Freeman, BA;Neumann, CA;
J. Biol. Chem., J. Biol. Chem., (): , 2018
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Dual loss of the SWI/SNF complex ATPases SMARCA4/BRG1 and SMARCA2/BRM is highly sensitive and specific for small cell carcinoma of the ovary, hypercalcemic type
Karnezis, AN;Wang, Y;Ramos, P;Hendricks, WP;Oliva, E;D'Angelo, E;Prat, J;Nucci, MR;Nielsen, TO;Chow, C;Leung, S;Kommoss, F;Kommoss, S;Silva, A;Ronnett, BM;Rabban, JT;Bowtell, DD;Weissman, BE;Trent, JM;Gilks, CB;Huntsman, DG;
J. Pathol, 238(3):389-400, 2015
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A novel human embryonic stem cell-derived Huntington’s disease neuronal model exhibits mutant huntingtin (mHTT) aggregates and soluble mHTT-dependent neurodegeneration
Lu B, Palacino J
FASEB J, 27(5):1820–9, 2013
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Drug delivery to atherosclerotic plaques using superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles
Matuszak, J;Lutz, B;Sekita, A;Zaloga, J;Alexiou, C;Lyer, S;Cicha, I;
Int J Nanomedicine, Int J Nanomedicine, 13(): 8443-8460, 2018
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Acute loss of iron-sulfur clusters results in metabolic reprogramming and generation of lipid droplets in mammalian cells
Crooks, DR;Maio, N;Lane, AN;Jarnik, M;Higashi, RM;Haller, RG;Yang, Y;Fan, TWM;Linehan, M;Rouault, TA;
J. Biol. Chem., J. Biol. Chem., ():, 2018
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Inferring parameters for a lattice-free model of cell migration and proliferation using experimental data
Browning, A;McCue, SW;Binny, RN;Plank, MJ;Shah, ET;
bioRxiv, bioRxiv, ():, 2017
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Microenvironment-Mediated Mechanisms of Resistance to HER2 Inhibitors Differ between HER2+ Breast Cancer Subtypes
Watson, SS;Dane, M;Chin, K;Tatarova, Z;Liu, M;Liby, T;Thompson, W;Smith, R;Nederlof, M;Bucher, E;Kilburn, D;Whitman, M;Sudar, D;Mills, GB;Heiser, LM;Jonas, O;Gray, JW;Korkola, JE;
Cell Syst, Cell Syst, 6(3):329-342.e6, 2018
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