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Regional Activation of Myosin II in Cancer Cells Drives Tumor Progression via a Secretory Cross-Talk with the Immune Microenvironment
Georgouli, M;Herraiz, C;Crosas-Molist, E;Fanshawe, B;Maiques, O;Perdrix, A;Pandya, P;Rodriguez-Hernandez, I;Ilieva, KM;Cantelli, G;Karagiannis, P;Mele, S;Lam, H;Josephs, DH;Matias-Guiu, X;Marti, RM;Nestle, FO;Orgaz, JL;Malanchi, I;Fruhwirth, GO;Karagiannis, SN;Sanz-Moreno, V;
Cell, Cell 176(4):757-774.e23, 2019
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UCP2 overexpression enhanced glycolysis via activation of PFKFB2 during skin cell transformation
Sreedhar, A;Petruska, P;Miriyala, S;Panchatcharam, M;Zhao, Y;
Oncotarget, Oncotarget 8(56):95504-95515, 2017
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MicroRNAs as potential therapeutics to enhance chemosensitivity in advanced prostate cancer
Lin, H;Nikolic, I;Yang, J;Castillo, L;Deng, N;Chan, C;Yeung, N;Dodson, E;Elsworth, B;Spielman, C;Lee, B;Boyer, Z;Simpson, K;Daly, R;Horvath, L;Swarbrick, A;
bioRxiv, bioRxiv ():, 2018
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Targeting AURKA-CDC25C axis to induce synthetic lethality in ARID1A-deficient colorectal cancer cells
Wu, C;Lyu, J;Yang, EJ;Liu, Y;Zhang, B;Shim, JS;
Nat Commun, Nat Commun 9(1):3212, 2018
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Caspase-8 Collaborates with Caspase-11 to Drive Tissue Damage and Execution of Endotoxic Shock
Mandal, P;Feng, Y;Lyons, JD;Berger, SB;Otani, S;DeLaney, A;Tharp, GK;Maner-Smith, K;Burd, EM;Schaeffer, M;Hoffman, S;Capriotti, C;Roback, L;Young, CB;Liang, Z;Ortlund, EA;DiPaolo, NC;Bosinger, S;Bertin, J;Gough, PJ;Brodsky, IE;Coopersmith, CM;Shayakhmetov, DM;Mocarski, ES;
Immunity, Immunity 49(1):42-55.e6, 2018
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Preparation and invitro assessment of wet-spun gemcitabine-loaded polymeric fibers: Towards localized drug delivery for the treatment of pancreatic cancer
Wade, SJ;Zuzic, A;Foroughi, J;Talebian, S;Aghmesheh, M;Moulton, SE;Vine, KL;
Pancreatology, Pancreatology ():, 2017
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Redox-Responsive Manganese Dioxide Nanoparticles for Enhanced MR Imaging and Radiotherapy of Lung Cancer
Cho, MH;Choi, ES;Kim, S;Goh, SH;Choi, Y;
Front Chem, Front Chem 5():109, 2017
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Essential role of Polo-like kinase 1 (Plk1) oncogene in tumor growth and metastasis of tamoxifen-resistant breast cancer
Jeong, SB;Im, JH;Yoon, JH;Bui, QT;Lim, SC;Song, JM;Shim, Y;Yun, J;Hong, J;Kang, KW;
Mol. Cancer Ther., Mol. Cancer Ther. ():, 2018
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BRAF Splice Variant Resistance to RAF Inhibitor Requires Enhanced MEK Association
Vido, MJ;Le, K;Hartsough, EJ;Aplin, AE;
Cell Rep, Cell Rep 25(6):1501-1510.e3, 2018
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Silencing of Discoidin Domain Receptor-1 (DDR1) Concurrently Inhibits Multiple Steps of Metastasis Cascade in Gastric Cancer
Yuge, R;Kitadai, Y;Takigawa, H;Naito, T;Oue, N;Yasui, W;Tanaka, S;Chayama, K;
Transl Oncol, Transl Oncol 11(3):575-584, 2018
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