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Theaflavins Improve Memory Impairment and Depression-Like Behavior by Regulating Microglial Activation
Ano, Y;Ohya, R;Kita, M;Taniguchi, Y;Kondo, K;
Molecules, Molecules 24(3):, 2019
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Synthesis and biological evaluation of pyrrolo[2,1-f][1,2,4]triazine C-nucleosides with a ribose, 2'-deoxyribose, and 2',3'-dideoxyribose sugar moiety
Li, Q;Lescrinier, E;Groaz, E;Persoons, L;Daelemans, D;Herdewijn, P;De Jonghe, S;
ChemMedChem, ChemMedChem ():, 2017
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Neuronal apolipoprotein E4 increases cell death and phosphorylated tau release in alzheimer disease
Wadhwani, AR;Affaneh, A;Van Gulden, S;Kessler, JA;
Ann. Neurol., Ann. Neurol. ():, 2019
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Caspase-8 Collaborates with Caspase-11 to Drive Tissue Damage and Execution of Endotoxic Shock
Mandal, P;Feng, Y;Lyons, JD;Berger, SB;Otani, S;DeLaney, A;Tharp, GK;Maner-Smith, K;Burd, EM;Schaeffer, M;Hoffman, S;Capriotti, C;Roback, L;Young, CB;Liang, Z;Ortlund, EA;DiPaolo, NC;Bosinger, S;Bertin, J;Gough, PJ;Brodsky, IE;Coopersmith, CM;Shayakhmetov, DM;Mocarski, ES;
Immunity, Immunity 49(1):42-55.e6, 2018
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Regulation of Tumor-Associated Myeloid Cell Activity by CBP/EP300 Bromodomain Modulation of H3K27 Acetylation
de Almeida Nagata, DE;Chiang, EY;Jhunjhunwala, S;Caplazi, P;Arumugam, V;Modrusan, Z;Chan, E;Merchant, M;Jin, L;Arnott, D;Romero, FA;Magnuson, S;Gascoigne, KE;Grogan, JL;
Cell Rep, Cell Rep 27(1):269-281.e4, 2019
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Novel sulforaphane-enabled self-microemulsifying delivery systems (SFN-SMEDDS) of taxanes: Formulation development and in vitro cytotoxicity against breast cancer cells
Kamal, MM;Nazzal, S;
International Journal of Pharmaceutics, International Journal of Pharmaceutics 536(1):187198, 2017
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The antitumor efficacy of monomeric disintegrin obtustatin in S-180 sarcoma mouse model
Ghazaryan, N;Movsisyan, N;Macedo, JC;Vaz, S;Ayvazyan, N;Pardo, L;Logarinho, E;
Invest New Drugs, Invest New Drugs ():, 2019
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A novel method to generate T-cell receptor-deficient chimeric antigen receptor T cells
Kamiya, T;Wong, D;Png, YT;Campana, D;
Blood Adv, Blood Adv 2(5):517-528, 2018
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Antiviral Properties of Chemical Inhibitors of Cellular Anti-Apoptotic Bcl-2 Proteins
Bulanova, D;Ianevski, A;Bugai, A;Akimov, Y;Kuivanen, S;Paavilainen, H;Kakkola, L;Nandania, J;Turunen, L;Ohman, T;Ala-Hongisto, H;Pesonen, HM;Kuisma, MS;Honkimaa, A;Walton, EL;Oksenych, V;Lorey, MB;Guschin, D;Shim, J;Kim, J;Than, TT;Chang, SY;Hukkanen, V;Kulesskiy, E;Marjomaki, VS;Julkunen, I;Nyman, TA;Matikainen, S;Saarela, JS;Sane, F;Hober, D;Gabriel, G;De Brabander, JK;Martikainen, M;Windisch, MP;Min, JY;Bruzzone, R;Aittokallio, T;Vh-Koskela, M;Vapalahti, O;Pulk, A;Velagapudi, V;Kainov, DE;
Viruses, Viruses 9(10):, 2017
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Systemic surfaceome profiling identifies target antigens for immune-based therapy in subtypes of advanced prostate cancer
Lee, JK;Bangayan, NJ;Chai, T;Smith, BA;Pariva, TE;Yun, S;Vashisht, A;Zhang, Q;Park, JW;Corey, E;Huang, J;Graeber, TG;Wohlschlegel, J;Witte, ON;
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A., Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. ():, 2018
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