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The ATR inhibitor AZD6738 synergizes with gemcitabine in vitro and in vivo to induce pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma regression
Wallez, Y;Dunlop, CR;Johnson, TI;Koh, SB;Fornari, C;Yates, JW;Bernaldo de Quirs Fernndez, S;Lau, A;Richards, FM;Jodrell, DI;
Mol. Cancer Ther., Mol. Cancer Ther. ():, 2018
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A hypothesis-driven approach identifies CDK4 and CDK6 inhibitors as candidate drugs for treatments of adrenocortical carcinomas
Hadjadj, D;Kim, SJ;Denecker, T;Ben Driss, L;Cadoret, JC;Maric, C;Baldacci, G;Fauchereau, F;
Aging (Albany NY), Aging (Albany NY) 9(12):2695-2716, 2017
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Recurrent ubiquitin B silencing in gynecological cancers establishes dependence on ubiquitin C
Kedves, AT;Gleim, S;Liang, X;Bonal, DM;Sigoillot, F;Harbinski, F;Sanghavi, S;Benander, C;George, E;Gokhale, PC;Nguyen, QD;Kirschmeier, PT;Distel, RJ;Jenkins, J;Goldberg, MS;Forrester, WC;
J. Clin. Invest., J. Clin. Invest. ():, 2017
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Synergistic antitumor effects of rhein and doxorubicin in hepatocellular carcinoma cells
Wu, L;Liu, X;Cao, K;Ni, Z;Li, W;Chen, Z;
J Cell Biochem, J Cell Biochem ():, 2018
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CD47 antibody-induced engulfment of human T cell leukemia cells by bone marrowderived macrophages
APPLEDORN, D;Lovell, G;Szybut, C;Patel, K;Campwala, H;Bevan, N;Dale, T;Trezise, D;
Journal of Immunology, Journal of Immunology 198(1):15, 2017
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DNA Replication Vulnerabilities Render Ovarian Cancer Cells Sensitive to Poly(ADP-Ribose) Glycohydrolase Inhibitors
Pillay, N;Tighe, A;Nelson, L;Littler, S;Coulson-Gilmer, C;Bah, N;Golder, A;Bakker, B;Spierings, DCJ;James, DI;Smith, KM;Jordan, AM;Morgan, RD;Ogilvie, DJ;Foijer, F;Jackson, DA;Taylor, SS;
Cancer Cell, Cancer Cell 35(3):519-533.e8, 2019
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Effects of TONS504-photodynamic therapy on mouse mammary tumor cells
Osaki, T;Sakata, I;Uto, Y;Yamashita, M;Murahata, Y;Azuma, K;Tsuka, T;Ito, N;Imagawa, T;Okamoto, Y;
Oncol Lett, Oncol Lett 16(2):2078-2084, 2018
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Identification of FDA-approved oncology drugs with selective potency in high-risk childhood ependymoma
Donson, AM;Amani, V;Warner, EA;Griesinger, AM;Witt, DA;Mulcahy Levy, JM;Hoffman, LM;Hankinson, TC;Handler, MH;Vibhakar, R;Dorris, K;Foreman, NK;
Mol. Cancer Ther., Mol. Cancer Ther. ():, 2018
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Protective autophagy elicited by RAFMEKERK inhibition suggests a treatment strategy for RAS-driven cancers
Kinsey, CG;Camolotto, SA;Boespflug, AM;Guillen, KP;Foth, M;Truong, A;Schuman, SS;Shea, JE;Seipp, MT;Yap, JT;Burrell, LD;Lum, DH;Whisenant, JR;Gilcrease, GW;Cavalieri, CC;Rehbein, KM;Cutler, SL;Affolter, KE;Welm, AL;Welm, BE;Scaife, CL;Snyder, EL;McMahon, M;
Nat. Med., Nat. Med. 25(4):620-627, 2019
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The anti-apoptotic proteins NAF-1 and iASPP interact to drive apoptosis in cancer cells
Iosub-Amir, A;Bai, F;Sohn, Y;Song, L;Tamir, S;Marjault, H;Mayer, G;Karmi, O;Jennings, P;Mittler, R;Onuchic, J;Friedler, A;Nechushtai, R;
Chem. Sci., Chem. Sci. ():, 2018
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