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Autophagy Inhibition Mediates Apoptosis Sensitization in Cancer Therapy by Relieving FOXO3a Turnover
Fitzwalter, BE;Towers, CG;Sullivan, KD;Andrysik, Z;Hoh, M;Ludwig, M;O'Prey, J;Ryan, KM;Espinosa, JM;Morgan, MJ;Thorburn, A;
Dev. Cell, Dev. Cell, 44(5):555-565.e3, 2018
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Selective HDAC inhibition by ACY-241 enhances the activity of paclitaxal in solid tumor models
Huang, P;Almeciga-Pinto, I;Jarpe, M;van Duzer, JH;Mazitschek, R;Yang, M;Jones, SS;Quayle, SN;
Oncotarget, Oncotarget, 8(8):13986-14002, 2018
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Low MSH2 protein levels identify muscle-invasive bladder cancer resistant to cisplatin
Goodspeed, A;Jean, A;Costello, J;
bioRxiv, bioRxiv, ():, 2018
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Enzyme-Driven Release of Loads from Nucleic Acid-Capped Metal-Organic Framework Nanoparticles
Chen, W;Luo, G;Sohn, Y;Nechushtai, R;Willner, I;
Adv. Funct. Mater., Adv. Funct. Mater., (): 1805341, 2018
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Vacquinol-1 inducible cell death in glioblastoma multiforme is counter regulated by TRPM7 activity induced by exogenous ATP
Sander, P;Mostafa, H;Soboh, A;Schneider, JM;Pala, A;Baron, AK;Moepps, B;Wirtz, CR;Georgieff, M;Schneider, M;
Oncotarget, Oncotarget, 8(21):35124-35137, 2018
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Safety implication of Salmonella based Brucella vaccine candidate in mice and in vitro human cell culture
Lalsiamthara, J;Senevirathne, A;So, MY;Lee, JH;
Vaccine, Vaccine, 36(14):1837-1845, 2018
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Evaluation of anticancer agents using patient-derived tumor organoids characteristically similar to source tissues
Tamura, H;Higa, A;Hoshi, H;Hiyama, G;Takahashi, N;Ryufuku, M;Morisawa, G;Yanagisawa, Y;Ito, E;Imai, JI;Dobashi, Y;Katahira, K;Soeda, S;Watanabe, T;Fujimori, K;Watanabe, S;Takagi, M;
Oncol. Rep., Oncol. Rep., 40(2):635-646, 2018
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Computational Modeling Predicts Simultaneous Targeting of Fibroblasts and Epithelial Cells Is Necessary for Treatment of Pulmonary Fibrosis
Warsinske, HC;Wheaton, AK;Kim, KK;Linderman, JJ;Moore, BB;Kirschner, DE;
Front Pharmacol, Front Pharmacol. 2016; 7: 183., 2016
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A rare mutation in UNC5C predisposes to late-onset Alzheimer's disease and increases neuronal cell death
Wetzel-Smith, Monica K et al
Nature Medicine, 20(12): 1452–1457, 2014

IncuCyte was used to characterize the phenotypic consequences of a rare mutation associated with late-onset Alzheimer’s disease.

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Cisplatin-induced oxidative stress stimulates renal Fas ligand shedding
Soni, H;Kaminski, D;Gangaraju, R;Adebiyi, A;
Ren Fail, Ren Fail, 40(1):314-322, 2018
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