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Assay interference and off-target liabilities of reported histone acetyltransferase inhibitors
Dahlin, JL;Nelson, KM;Strasser, JM;Barsyte-Lovejoy, D;Szewczyk, MM;Organ, S;Cuellar, M;Singh, G;Shrimp, JH;Nguyen, N;Meier, JL;Arrowsmith, CH;Brown, PJ;Baell, JB;Walters, MA;
Nat Commun, Nat Commun 8(1):1527, 2017
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A pre-existing rare PIK3CAE545K subpopulation confers clinical resistance to MEK plus CDK4/6 inhibition in NRAS melanoma and is dependent on S6K1 signaling
Romano, G;Chen, PL;Song, P;McQuade, JL;Liang, RJ;Liu, M;Roh, W;Duose, DY;Carapeto, FC;Li, J;Teh, JL;Aplin, AE;Chen, M;Zhang, J;Lazar, AJ;Davies, MA;Futreal, PA;Amaria, RN;Zhang, DY;Wargo, JA;Kwong, LN;
Cancer Discov, Cancer Discov ():, 2018
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Role of the E3 ubiquitin ligase RNF157 as a novel downstream effector linking PI3K and MAPK signaling to the cell cycle
Dogan, T;Gnad, F;Chan, J;Phu, L;Young, A;Chen, MJ;Doll, S;Stokes, MP;Belvin, M;Friedman, LS;Kirkpatrick, DS;Hoeflich, KP;Hatzivassiliou, G;
J. Biol. Chem., J. Biol. Chem. ():, 2017
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Oncogene addiction and radiation oncology: effect of radiotherapy with photons and carbon ions in ALK-EML4 translocated NSCLC
Dai, Y;Wei, Q;Schwager, C;Hanne, J;Zhou, C;Herfarth, K;Rieken, S;Lipson, KE;Debus, J;Abdollahi, A;
Radiat Oncol, Radiat Oncol 13(1):1, 2018
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Selective BCL-XL inhibition promotes apoptosis in combination with MLN8237 in medulloblastoma and pediatric glioblastoma cells
Short, JL;
Neuro-Oncology, Neuro-Oncology ():, 2017
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Inhibitory Effects of Culinary Herbs and Spices on the Growth of HCA-7 Colorectal Cancer Cells and Their COX-2 Expression
Jaksevicius, A;Carew, M;Mistry, C;Modjtahedi, H;Opara, EI;
Nutrients, Nutrients 9(10):, 2017
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Tolcapone induces oxidative stress leading to apoptosis and inhibition of tumor growth in Neuroblastoma
Maser, T;Rich, M;Hayes, D;Zhao, P;Nagulapally, AB;Bond, J;Saulnier Sholler, G;
Cancer Med, Cancer Med ():, 2017
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MCL-1 is a prognostic indicator and drug target in breast cancer
Campbell, KJ;Dhayade, S;Ferrari, N;Sims, AH;Johnson, E;Mason, SM;Dickson, A;Ryan, KM;Kalna, G;Edwards, J;Tait, SGW;Blyth, K;
Cell Death Dis, Cell Death Dis 9(2):19, 2018
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Exogenous growth factors bFGF, EGF and HGF do not influence viability and phenotype of V600EBRAF melanoma cells and their response to vemurafenib and trametinib in vitro
Zalesna, I;Osrodek, M;Hartman, ML;Rozanski, M;Sztiller-Sikorska, M;Niewinna, K;Nejc, D;Czyz, M;
PLoS ONE, PLoS ONE 12(8):e0183498, 2017
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Lippia origanoides extract induces cell cycle arrest and apoptosis and suppresses NF-B signaling in triple-negative breast cancer cells
Raman, V;Fuentes Lorenzo, JL;Stashenko, EE;Levy, M;Levy, MM;Camarillo, IG;
Int. J. Oncol., Int. J. Oncol. ():, 2017
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